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You can view an interactive map that displays your POI and other data markers.
Here is some important information to remember:
  • You can increase or decrease the size of the map.
    This feature is useful, for example, if you have two points of interest that are close together. Enlarging the map lets you view it in greater detail.
  • Your points of interest display in blue.
    Other data markers, such as Launches, display in black. Click a marker to view more information.
Click to select the following options:
  • Map
    Display a simple map.
  • Satellite Display the map in satellite mode.
  • Data Markers
    Choose whether to display black data markers.
  • Heat Map
    Choose whether to display heat-map markers. The greater the intensity of the color, the more frequently the condition (Launches, for example) is met.
  • Points of Interest
    Choose whether to display your points of interest.
You can configure the following options for this report:
  • Time Period
    Click the Calendar icon to select a custom period or to select a preset time period from the drop-down list.
  • Customize
    Customize your reports by changing the Show By options, adding metrics and filters, and adding additional series (metrics), and more. For more information, see Customize reports .
  • Filter
    Click Filter to create a filter that spans different reports to see how a segment is performing across all mobile reports. A sticky filter allows you to define a filter that is applied to all non-pathing reports. For more information, see Add a sticky filter .
  • Download
    Click PDF or CSV to download or open documents and share with users who do not have access to Mobile Services or to use the file in presentations.