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Configure push messaging

You can use this information to help you configure the Push Services options on the Manage App Settings page when creating a new app or editing an existing app.
Before you configure push messaging, complete the prerequisite tasks in Prerequisites to Enable Push Messaging .
  • Report Suite Considerations
    You can configure one app store app for Apple and one for Google in each report suite. If you need additional apps, for example, one for a production environment and one for a dev environment, set up a new app store app and a new report suite for each environment.
Moving your app to a new report suite is not supported. If you migrate to a new report suite, your push configuration can break, and messages might not be sent.
  1. Type information in the following fields under Push Services :
    • Apple
      Private Key
      Browse to and select your valid private key .p12 , .key , or .pen .
      If the file that you select for the Private Key input also contains a certificate, you do not need to specify the certificate.
    • Certificate
      Specify a valid certificate. This option is required only when the Private Key input does not contain a certificate. For more information about obtaining the SSL certificate and private key, see Configure App to use APNS or FCM .
    • Google
      API Key
      Specify a valid API key. For more information about obtaining the API key, see Configure App to use APNS or FCM .
      For more information, see the following topics:
  2. Click Save .