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Getting started

Here is a helpful video to get an overview of Location Services:

Using Location Service

To use Location Service, complete the following tasks:

1. Ensure that your user is provisioned to use Location Service

The Location Service product context is available with all Experience Cloud organizations.
  • Ensure that you are listed as a user under the Location Service and Experience Platform Launch product contexts in the Admin Console.
    For more information, see Adding a user to Experience Platform Launch and Location Service in Frequently asked questions .
  • Ensure that the Places extension is installed on your mobile app property in Experience Platform Launch.
    To use the Adobe-provided regional monitoring for your geo-fences, install the Places Monitor extension. For more information, see Places monitor extension .

2. Create your POIs

Points of Interest (POI) are geo-fences that you create for your organizations, and you can create POIs in one of the following ways:

3. Configure the Places extension and Places Monitor extension

For more information about configuring the Places extension and Monitor extension, see the following information: