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Exercise 0.4 - Use the mobile app

The mobile application that is used in the context of this demo and enablement environment is only available for iOS .
Take your iOS device, open the AppStore and search for Platform - SYTYCD .
You'll then see this.
Click the INSTALL button.
Next, click OPEN .
You'll then see a couple of notifications.
Click Allow While Using App .
Click Allow .
Click OK .
You'll now see this screen. You can either manually enter the Configuration ID you created, or else, you can click the QR code scan icon to scan a QR code.
On the Admin homepage of your demo website, you'll find a QR code you can scan.
After clicking the QR code scan in the app, you'll see this. Click OK to scan a QR code.
After scanning the QR code, you'll be back in this screen, with the Configuration ID filled out for you. Click Load Configuration .
You'll then see a confirmation of which environment you'll be loading. Click Save Configuration .
After a couple of seconds, you'll be presented with the Select LDAP screen. Select your LDAP and click Save .
After a couple of seconds, you'll see that the demo brand Luma Retail is being loaded automatically.
And finally, you'll see the Luma Retail homepage in the app, which means you're ready for your demo and enablement.