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11.3 - Take Action: send your segment to DV360

Log in to Adobe Experience Platform by going to this URL:
After logging in, you'll land on the homepage of Adobe Experience Platform.
In the left menu, go to Destinations .
You'll then see the Destinations homepage.
In Destinations , click on Google Display & Video 360 .
Click on Browse Destinations .
You'll then see all available Google Display & Video 360 destinations.
Click the Destination Name of DV360 - Advertiser ID: 5701635 .
You'll then see this screen:
Click Edit Activation .
You'll then see all available segments in your Adobe Experience Platform instance. Search and select the segment you created in 1.
Click Next .
On the next page, click Next .
On the next page, click Finish .
Your segment is now linked to Google DV360. Every time a customer qualifies for this segment, a signal will be sent to Google DV360 to include that customer in the Audience at Google DV360 side.