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12.5 Trigger your Orchestrated Customer Journey

In this exercise, you'll test and trigger the Orchestrated Journey you configured in this module.

Update your Configuration ID

Before you can test your journey, you'll need to update your Configuration ID settings and enter the EventID of the geofenceEntryLdap event on the Update Configuration ID page of the AEP Demo website Admin pages.
You'll then see this:
Click Load Configuration . After clicking Load Configuration , scroll down until you see the fields EventID - Geofence .
In exercise 12.1, you created your event and collected the EventID. You can find it here:
In this example, the eventID is d9b5069cebd47bb3394e192da031d933a9e10d67046dadde999ec7401eb7bd51 .
Go back to the Update Configuration ID screen and paste the code that you copied in the field EventID - Geofence .
Next, scroll down and click Update Configuration ID .
After this change, your Configuration ID is ready for testing!

Trigger your journey

For every demonstration, you'll need to use a fresh, incognito browser window. After opening a fresh, incognito browser window, go to .
You'll be redirected to this page:
Enter the Configuration ID you created in the previous step. Click Load Configuration .
You'll then see this:
Scroll down so you can see the Save Configuration button. Click Save Configuration .
After a couple of seconds you'll be redirected to the Admin homepage and you'll see this:
Go to Select LDAP in the left side menu, select your LDAP in the list and click Save .
Go to Select Brand in the left side menu, select a brand of choice and click Save .
You'll now see a similar Admin homepage. Click the brand logo to go to the demo website.
You'll then be redirected to the Luma Retail homepage.
Go to the Register/Login page
Please use the following naming convention for your Mobile Phone Number: If your number is 0473622044, you have to enter +32473622044+DDMMYYYY-XX as a number, otherwise the sending of SMSs doesn't work. For instance, +32473622044+26052020-1
Fill out your registration details and click CREATE ACCOUNT .
After login, go to the Homepage of the website and open the X-ray panel, go to Real-time Customer Profile. On the X-ray panel, you should see all of your personal data displayed.
In the website's menu, click on the 3 dots and select Admin .
You'll then see the Admin page. Click Send Geofence Event .
You'll then see this:
On the Send Geofence Event page, click Allow on the prompt to Know your location .
After 1-2 seconds (sometimes this can take up to 1-2 minutes), you'll see the coordinates, city and country of your approximate location. Once the coordinates are shown, you have to enter your Orchestration eventID from 1. In this example, the eventID is d9b5069cebd47bb3394e192da031d933a9e10d67046dadde999ec7401eb7bd51 .
Click Send Geofence Event . You'll get a visual confirmation when the Geofence Event has been sent.
You should then receive a SMS Message on the Mobile Phone that was attached to your Real-time Customer Profile. The SMS Message will depend on the current weather and the temperature, just like you configured in your Journey.
Twilio doesn't support Indian Mobile Numbers, so if you have an mobile phone number starting with +91, you won't receive any SMS.
The same message will also be sent to the Adobe Hands-On Lab Slack channel. Your trainer is able to show you the received messages in the Slack channel.