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Summary & benefits

Congratulations and thank you for investing your time in learning about Journey Orchestration and Adobe Experience Platform! In this module, you've learned how to use Journey Orchestration to configure a journey that is triggered when a customer enters a specific geofence around a Point Of Interest (POI). When that happens, you've configured and consumed an external data source that gives you access, in real-time, to that POI's current weather data which then influences the path of the journey and the message being sent to the customer. That message was delivered to two custom actions, a non-Adobe SMS provider named Twilio and a Slack channel. Both of these environments have APIs, which Journey Orchestration can consume through a custom action.


Let's highlight the benefits of using Journey Orchestration and Adobe Experience Platform:
  • Communication with customers needs to be real-time and contextual. With Journey Orchestration, you now have the ability to listen for specific customer-initiated events and carefully curate a contextual journey if and when the customer is going through that specific journey.
  • Orchestrating a journey can involve wait times, conditions whereby data in Adobe Experience Platform is verified to then send the journey into a different path, custom external data sources like the Weather API in this example and also, custom actions whereby any application with an API can receive instructions from Journey Orchestration on what content to show to which customer.
  • Personalizing engagements can now truly happen across any channel that is used to interact with the customer.