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Summary & benefits

Congratulations and thank you for investing your time in learning about Customer Journey Analytics and Adobe Experience Platform! In this module, you've learned how to analyze your customer’s journey across channels using data available to you through Adobe Experience Platform.


Let's highlight the benefits of using Customer Journey Analytics together with Adobe Experience Platform:
  • With Customer Journey Analytics, you can now join data from any source in real-time. Analyzing the customer journey is now no longer limited to web and mobile applications so you can bring in data from POS, Call Centers, Loyalty, CRM and analyze the holistic customer journey across all those channels in sequence.
  • With Customer Journey Analytics, you can now define yourself how data is joined, by defining the identifier field on the fly when creating your connection. This offers you, as an analyst, a lot of flexibility and options to look at data in different ways.
  • If you're an Adobe Analytics customer and you've decided to also use Adobe Experience Platform, you can backfill data up to 13 months on the first day of using Adobe Experience Platform. So you don't start with an empty data make, all your valuable historical data is already in there and you can start joining it with other data sources immediately.
  • Customer Journey Analytics doesn't require a separate implementation of data sources anymore. All data that resides in Adobe Experience Platform can be used out of the box.
  • You can now benefit from using only one data collection implementation across all your online sources. With Web SDK and Adobe Experience Platform, data is ingested in an XDM format, which means that as an analyst you can focus on getting insights out of the data instead of having to implement your own tracking.