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18.3 Create a Streaming Segment

18.3.1 Introduction

You'll create a simple segment:
  • Luma Telco Sports Fan for which customer profiles will qualify when they visit the Sports page of the Luma Telco brand.

Good to know

Adobe Experience Platform Real-time CDP will trigger an activation to a destination when you qualify for a segment that is part of that destination's activation list. When that is the case, the segment qualification payload that will be send to that destination will contain all the segments for which your profile qualifies .
The goal of this module is to show that your Customer Profile's segment qualification is sent to your event hub destination in real-time. As a result our segment definition will have to include your ldap so that it only identifies your profiles. If we would not do that, and everyone doing this enablement would create a segment with the exact same definition, you would potentially get a lot of segment qualification messages on your event hub.
To avoid that and to keep the qualification payload small, we will only look at experience events that have a brand.ldap equals to your ldap

Segment Status

A segment qualification in Adobe Experience Platform always has a status -property and can be one of the following:
  • realized : this indicates a new segment qualification
  • existing : this indicates an existing segment qualification
  • exited : this indicates that the profile does no longer qualify for the segment

18.3.2 Build the segment

Building a segment in explained in detail in Module 11 .

Create Segment

Let's start with adding the profile email address expression to make sure we are only qualifying for our own segments:
Name your segment ldap - Luma Telco Sports Fan and add the page name experience event:
Click on Events (1), and drag and drop XDM ExperienceEvent > Web > Web page details > Name (2). Enter Sports (3) as the value:
Drag and drop XDM ExperienceEvent > Brand > ldap (2). Enter your ldap (3) as the value and click save (4):

PQL Definition

The PQL of our segment looks like:
select _Any1 from xEvent where"Sports", false) and _Any1._experienceplatform.brand.ldap.equals("<your ldap>", false)