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3.1 - From unknown to known on the website


The journey from unknown to known is one of the most important topics amongst brands these days, as is the customer journey from acquisition to retention.
Adobe Experience Platform plays a huge role in this journey. Platform is the brains for communication, the "experience system of record."
Platform is an environment in which the word customer is broader than just the known -customers. An unknown visitor on the website is also a customer from Platform's perspective and as such, all of the behavior as an unknown visitor is also sent to Platform. Thanks to that approach, when this visitor eventually becomes a known customer, a brand can visualize what happened before that moment as well. This helps from an attribution and experience optimization perspective.

What are you going to do?

You will now ingest data into Adobe Experience Platform and that data will be linked to identifiers like ECIDs and email-addresses. The goal of this exercise is to understand the business context of what you're about to do from a configuration perspective. In the next exercise, you'll start configuring everything you need to make all that data ingestion possible in your own sandbox environment.

Customer journey flow

Create the website and mobile app

  • Go to your Platform Demo website.
  • You'll be redirected to the Admin page
  • On the Admin page, click Select LDAP .
  • Select your LDAP from the list of available LDAPs. Click Save .
  • Back on the Admin page, click Select Brand .
  • Select the brand Luma Retail from the list of available brands. Click Save .
  • Wait 10 seconds for the brand to load. You'll then be redirected to the Admin homepage.
  • Click the Luma -logo to go to the demo website. You'll then see this: