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Summary & benefits

Congratulations and thank you for investing your time in learning about Adobe Experience Platform! In this module, you've learned how to configure an Amazon Alexa skill and how to stream Alexa interactions to Adobe Experience Platform.


Let's highlight the benefits of integrating voice assistants like Amazon Alexa with Adobe Experience Platform :
  • Personalized experiences require access to all customer interactions, not just to website and mobile application interactions. By integrating Amazon Alexa with Adobe Experience Platform, all customer interactions using Amazon Alexa become part of the Real-time Customer Profile in Adobe Experience Platform in real-time and can be used to impact experiences across other online and offline channels.
  • Adobe Experience Platform's identity graph is able to ingest data from any channel, using any type of identifier. Adobe Experience Platform isn't limited to data ingestion using cookie-based identifiers, any identifier can be used without any complexity.
  • Adobe Experience Platform's data collection capabilities allow flexible data collection from IoT devices and can easily integrate with Adobe I/O Runtime, AWS Lambda, Microsoft Azure Functions and any other serverless environment.