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6.1: Journey Orchestration: Setup Event

The end goal of this module is to receive an email after creating your account on the Platform Demo website.
Login to Journey Orchestration by going to Adobe Experience Cloud .
Click on Journey Orchestration .
You'll be redirected to the Home screen in Journey Orchestration.
In the menu, click Events .
On the Events screen, you'll see a view similar to this:
Click the Add button.
You'll then see an empty event configuration.
First of all, give your Event a Name like this: ldapAccountCreationEvent and replace ldap with your ldap.
Next, add a description like this Account Creation Event .
Next is the Event ID Type selection. Select System Generated
Next is the Schema selection. A schema was prepared for this exercise. Please use the schema AEP Demo - Account Creation Schema v.1 .
After selecting the Schema, you'll see a number of fields being selected in the Payload section. You should now hover over the Payload section and you'll see 3 icons popup. Click on the Edit icon.
You'll see a Fields window popup, in which you need to select the fields that we need to personalize the email.
In the object --aepTenantId--.accountcreation , please make sure to select the fields firstName and lastName .
In the object --aepTenantId--.brand , please make sure to select the fields brandLogo en brandName .
Click Save to save your changes.
You should then see this:
Click Save once more to save your changes.
Your Event is now configured and saved.
Click on your event again to open up the Edit Event screen again.
Hover over the Payload field again to see the 3 icons again.
Click on the View icon. You'll now see an example of the expected payload.
Your Event has a unique orchestration eventID, which you can find by scrolling down in that payload until you see _experience.campaign.orchestration.eventID .
The event ID is what needs to be sent to Adobe Experience Platform in order to trigger the Journey that you'll build in Exercise 6.2. Remember this eventID, as you'll need it in Exercise 6.3. "eventID": "71d98ef80980453e03a3bfc6aab57d15663784265a9363c097b6b9608f1a54bf"
Click Close .
You've now finished this exercise.