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6.3: Configure Launch to trigger your Event

In this exercise, you'll configure Launch so that the Event you created in Exercise 6.1 is now triggered, and activates the Journey that you built in Exercise 6.2.
Go to and login with your personal login details.
Select your Launch property.

6.3.1 - Edit Rule: Create Account

In the Launch UI, go to Rules.
Click to open the rule Create Account .
Open the action Adobe Experience Platform - Send Beacon . You'll then see this:
In Schema Mapping, you need to add the following Keys and Values to the Send Beacon action:
Source Value
Target Schema Field
The reference to YourEventID refers specifically to the EventID of the Event that you configured in 1. Retrieve the Event ID as indicated in 1 and paste it by replacing YourEventID with your Event ID.
Go to Journey Orchestration, to Events. Select your event and view the payload, scroll down to your eventID:
Scroll down in the Schema Mapping and click Add Another .
Configure your mapping with your eventID, as indicated below:
After the above configuration, your rule looks like this:
Click Keep Changes to save your Action.
Click Save to save your changes.
You can now publish these changes into your development environment.
In the Launch UI, navigate to the menu option Publishing .
Under Development, you'll see your current Development environment.
Click on little arrow to open a dropdown list and click Edit to make changes to your Development library.
Scroll down to the bottom of the window, where you'll see a button called + Add All Changed Resources .
Click the + Add All Changed Resources button.
Click the Save & Build for Development button.
After clicking the Save & Build for Development button, your Development library will be updated and your changes will be available for testing on your Platform Demo website. It can take a couple of minutes for your Launch library to update, wait until you see a green dot next to your Development library.
(FYI: sometimes the Launch library is cached in your browser so you might have to clear your cache)
Once your Launch configuration is published, go to your Platform Demo website, select and load any brand of choice and navigate to the page Login/Register. Enter your credentials.
Click the Create Account button. If all goes well, you should receive an email a couple of seconds later.