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9.1 Create a Google Tag Manager Property

Go to and login with your Google Account.
Click Create Account to setup your Google Tag Manager property.
This will bring you to this form.
Fill in these details:
Form field
Account Name
SYTYCD - ldap
Choose the country where you work, or where your demo website runs
Container name
Target platform
After filling in the details your screen should look like this
Click Create
This brings you to the screen where you'll have to accept the terms.
Check the checkbox for I also accept the Data Processing Terms as required by GDPR. Learn more .
Click Yes .
Accepting the terms brings you to the screen where you can copy the code for Google tag Manager to run on your website. You can disregard this for now as we'll do this in a later exercise.
Click OK.
After clicking OK, you're now seeing the standard Google Tag Manager homepage.
You can now proceed with the next step, where we'll set up Google Analytics.