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Use Postman with Experience Platform APIs

Postman is a tool allowing developers to quickly and easily interact with Adobe Experience Platform APIs.

Export Adobe I/O Integration Details to Postman

Adobe I/O Console's Export Details for Postman capability provides an easy way to export all the account details required to access and interact with an Experience Platform API in a single Postman Environment file, removing the need to copy and paste values from the Adobe I/O Console into Postman.

Generate an Access Token with Postman

Use the Adobe I/O Access Token Generation Postman collection in conjunction with Adobe I/O's Postman Environment to quickly and easily generate an Adobe I/O Access Token that can be used to authenticate to Adobe Experience Platform, and any other Adobe I/O API.

As noted in the Adobe I/O Access Token Generation Postman collection, the denoted generation methods are suitable for non-production use. Local Signing loads a JavaScript library from a 3rd-party host, and Remote signing sends the private key to an Adobe owned and operated web service. While Adobe does not store this private key, production keys should never be shared with anyone.

Interacting with Adobe I/O APIs using Postman

Explore interacting with Adobe I/O APIs using the Adobe-provided Experience Platform API Postman collections , building upon the Adobe I/O Environment Variables and generated access token .

Note that Adobe-provided Postman collections may not exist for every Adobe I/O API, however the provided Experience Platform API Postman collections can be used as a guide on how to define your own Postman collections for these use-cases.