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Set up Adobe Primetime Ad Insertion

Process to set-up Primetime Ad Insertion is as follows:
  1. Integrate your Ad Server into Primetime Ad Insertion by logging into the Primetime Ad Insertion console and setting up redirect rules. For more information, see Integrating your Ad Server .
  2. Configure channels or platforms in the Primetime Ad Insertions console to ensure adequate reporting dimensions.
  3. Configure and integrate your CDN in Primetime Ad Insertion. For more information, see Integrating your CDN .
  4. Determine whether just-in-time ad repackaging is required for your ad workflow. Contact your Primetime support representative to enable the service.
  5. Update your application to use the Bootstrap API to make and receive requests for Primetime Ad Insertion, and configure your application to support. For more information, see Ad tracking .
  6. Test your application to ensure correct ad playout.
  7. Test your applications to ensure correct firing of ad tracking and impression beacons.