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Multiple CDN support for CRS ad delivery

While the default creative repackaging service (CRS) scenario is to use one Content Delivery Network (CDN), you can deploy CRS assets on more than one CDN.


You can use multiple CDNs for the following reasons:
  • A requirement to scale up for large viewing events
  • A requirement to match the CDN source of the CRS asset with the CDN source of the main content.
  • A requirement to use a different CDN from the CRS default CDN (Akamai).
When the manifest server makes a look-up for transcoded requests, it uses a bootstrap URL that contains a number of query parameters. If you have set up a multi-CDN environment, the bootstrap URL will also need to contain the ptcdn parameter. The manifest server uses this parameter to identify the CDN server from which to get the transcoded version of the ad.
For more details, see Multi CDN Support in the CRS documentation.