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Replace a VOD timeline

Replace a VOD timeline by sending a new ad insertion request to the manifest server with an appropriately set pttimeline query parameter.
  1. Prepare an ad insertion request in the usual manner.
  2. Set the ptcueformat query parameter to DPIScte35.
  3. Set the enableC3 query parameter to true or false as appropriate.
  4. Create a pttimeline parameter using the VOD timeline format:
    1. Specify each content block (chapter) with duration = 0 and number_of_lots = 1 .
    2. Specify each ad block as usual, but set lots = 0 to remove a break. Set duration = 0 to use the ad break's duration (from the M3U8 file).

Example: Replacing a VOD Timeline

This example assumes the VOD content is in Original.m3u8 with a timeline of C,120,1;B,60,2,m;C,120,1;B,60,2,m;C,120,1;
The following manifest server request replaces the breaks in Original.m3u8 with a 30-second pre-roll, followed by two breaks of duration two minutes each. . .&enableC3=false 

The following manifest server request removes the breaks in Original.m3u8 and adds a 30-second pre-roll and a 30-second post-roll. . .&enableC3=false