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AIR Publisher ID utility

When you build an AIR file, the AIR Developer Tool (ADT) automatically generates a Publisher ID. The AIR Publisher ID utility ( AdobePublisherIDUtility.jar) computes the Publisher ID for an AIR application.
The Publisher ID is unique to the certificate that you use to build an AIR file. If you reuse the same certificate for multiple AIR applications, all AIR applications have the same Publisher ID. An AIR release that succeeds release 1.5.2 does not add the generated Publisher ID to a file. Therefore, if you plan to use an AIR application allow list, use this tool to determine the Publisher ID.
The Publisher ID that is used for AIR allow list enforcement is not the same as the Publisher ID that the application publisher specifies in the application's application.xml file.

AIR Publisher ID utility command-line usage

java -jar AdobePublisherIDUtility.jar 
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  java -jar AdobePublisherIDUtility.jar -s 
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    • signaturefile * specifies a path to the AIR application's signatures.xml file, located in the applications META-INF directory
  • signingcert specifies the certificate that is used to sign an AIR application
To determine the publisher ID for an Android application, you need to use the -s option to specify the certificate used to sign the Android application package (APK). Primetime DRM is required to build Android applications that can play Primetime DRM-protected content.