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About command-line tools configuration files

The command-line tools look for in the directory in which you run the tools. However, you can use the -c option when you run a command-line tool to specify a different location for the default You can also use -c to specify a different configuration file.
The command-line tools configuration files use the Java property file format, for which the following rules apply:
  • Escape backslashes with an additional backslash.
    For example, on a Windows machine, to specify the C:\credentials.pfx file, you need to enter it as C:\\credentials.pfx or C:/credentials.pfx . To specify a file on a Windows network server, you need to enter \\\\server\\folder\\filename.pfx
  • Include only Latin-1 characters.
    To use non- Latin-1 characters, you need to use the appropriate Unicode escape sequence. You can optionally apply the native2ascii tool (included with Java) to your configuration file entries.