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About Adobe Access

Adobe Access lets content owners and distributors control how and where their content can be distributed and experienced, providing end-to-end protection throughout the content lifecycle. It encrypts Flash FLV and F4V video files, which can then be streamed or downloaded to Microsoft® Windows®, Apple® Mac OS®, Linux®, and Android® platforms, and enforces business models such as online video rental. Consumers can enjoy high-quality content at their convenience, whether they are online or offline. Adobe Access offers key advantages that content owners and distributors can use to quickly deliver new services that differentiate them from the competition.
This cross-platform solution can be integrated into existing billing and authentication systems, allowing content owners and distributors to maintain control of audio and video content no matter how widely it is distributed. Adobe Access helps protect and monetize content with confidence and provides the flexibility to manage how and where protected content is experienced.
Adobe Access gives:
  • Content owners and distributors broader reach for media assets, and a way to recuperate production costs while protecting those assets from misuse.
  • Content distributors the ability to rapidly distribute content and recuperate production costs through direct (user-paid) or indirect (advertiser-paid) compensation.
  • Consumers the flexibility to enjoy premium content with a rich viewing experience that is intuitive, non-intrusive, convenient, and engaging.
  • Developers the ability to automate Adobe Access capabilities, including authorization and authentication, into a content distributor's existing environment.