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Upgrading existing deployments

To upgrade a server running the version 3.0 Reference Implementation License Server or Watched Folder Packager, replace the .war files deployed on your Application Server with the files included with Adobe Access Reference Implementation Server.
If you plan to use domain registration with the Reference Implementation License Server, several new database tables are required. To re-create the entire reference implementation database, run CreateSampleDB.sql . To preserve the existing database records and add the new tables, open CreateSampleDB.sql and only run the commands to create the following tables:
  • DomainServerInfo
  • DomainKeys
  • DomainMembership
  • UserDomainMembership
  • UserDomainRefCount
The following properties must be added to to use the domain support:
  • HandlerConfiguration.DomainCAs.n or RefImpl.HSM.HandlerConfiguration.DomainCAs.Alias.n
  • Domain RegistrationHandler.ServerCredential and DomainRegistrationHandler.ServerCredential.password , or RefImpl.HSM.DomainRegistrationHandler.ServerCredential.Alias
  • DomainRegistrationHandler.DomainServerUrl
The following properties must be added to to support remote key delivery to iOS clients:
  • HandlerConfiguration.KeyServerCertificate or RefImpl.HSM.HandlerConfiguration.KeyServerCertificate.Alias