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Performance tuning

Use the following tips to help to increase performance:
  • Using a network HSM can be significantly slower than using a directly-connected HSM.
  • For improved performance, you can optionally enable native support for cryptographic operations by deploying the platform-specific libraries located in the "thirdparty/cryptoj" folder of the SDK. To enable native support, add the library for your platform (jsafe.dll for Windows or for Linux) to the path.
    If you run multiple web applications in the same Tomcat instance and have jsafe.dll on the path, only the first web application that loads is able to load the jsafe.dll library. Therefore, only the first web application gets the benefit of the native support. In such cases, to improve the performance of all web applications, place cryptoj.jar outside of the WAR file. For example, in the <tomcat_installation_folder>/lib directory.
  • A 64-bit operating system, such as the 64-bit version of Red Hat® or Windows, provides much better performance over a 32-bit operating system.