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Display banner ads

To display banner ads, you need to create banner instances and allow Browser TVSDK to listen for ad-related events.
Browser TVSDK provides a list of companion banner ads that are associated with a linear ad through the AdobePSDK.PSDKEventType.AD_STARTED event.
Manifests can specify companion banner ads by:
  • An HTML snippet
  • The URL of an iFrame page
  • The URL of a static image or an Adobe Flash SWF file
For each companion ad, Browser TVSDK indicates which types are available for your application.
Add a listener for the event AdobePSDK.PSDKEventType.AD_STARTED that does the following:
  1. Clears existing ads in the banner instance.
  2. Gets the list of companion ads from Ad.getCompanionAssets .
  3. If the list of companion ads is not empty, iterate over the list for banner instances.
    Each banner instance (an AdBannerAsset ) contains information, such as width, height, resource type (html, iframe, or static), and data that is required to display the companion banner.
  4. If a video ad has no companion ads booked with it, the list of companion assets contains no data for that video ad.
  5. Sends the banner information to a function on your page that displays the banners in an appropriate location.
    This is usually a div , and your function uses the div ID to display the banner. For example:
    Add the event listener:
    _player.addEventListener(AdobePSDK.PSDKEventType.AD_STARTED, onAdStarted);
    Implement the listener handler:
    private function onAdStarted(event:AdPlaybackEvent):void 
        // check if there are any companion banner 
        if ( &&  
                     && > 0) { 
             for each (var banner:AdBannerAsset in { 
                if (ExternalInterface.available) { 
                    //-- call the java script that will handle the banner display. 
          'addBanner', banner.resourceType,  
                        banner.width, banner.height, banner.bannerData); 
    Example of JavaScript to handle the display:
    function displayCompanion (resourceType, width, height, data) { 
        console.log(resourceType + "," +  width + "," +  height); 
        var bannerDiv = document.getElementById('banner' + width + 'x' + height);  
        // Assuming that there is an HTML element on the page  
        // with an id of "banner300x250", for example 
        if (bannerDiv !== null) { 
            bannerDiv.innerHTML = data;