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Configure adaptive bit rates using ABRControlParameters

You can set ABR control values only with ABRControlParameters, but you can construct a new one at any time.
The following conditions apply to ABRControlParameters :
  • You must provide values for all parameters at construction time.
  • You cannot change individual values after construction time.
  • If the parameters that you specify are outside of the allowed range, an ArgumentError is thrown.
  1. Determine the ABR policy:
    • ABRControlParameters.CONSERVATIVE_POLICY
    • ABRControlParameters.MODERATE_POLICY
    • ABRControlParameters.AGGRESSIVE_POLICY
  2. Set the ABR parameter values in the ABRControlParameters constructor and assign them to the Media Player.
    var abrParams = new AdobePSDK.ABRControlParameters(); 
    abrParams.initialBitRate = nInitialBitRate; 
    abrParams.minBitRate = nMinBitRate; 
    abrParams.maxBitRate = nMaxBitRate; 
    abrParams.abrPolicy = eABRPolicy; 
    player.abrControlParameters = abrParams;