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Digital Rights Management

You can complete Digital Rights Management (DRM)-specific workflows.
You can listen to the AdobePSDK.DRMMetadataInfoEvent event to handle DRM workflows:
player.addEventListener(AdobePSDK.PSDKEventType.DRM_METADATA_INFO_AVAILABLE, onDRMMetadataInfoAvailable);

Add Digital Rights Management

  1. Add the DRMMetadataInfoAvailableEvent to get the DRMMetadata .
    player.addEventListener(AdobePSDK.PSDKEventType.DRM_METADATA_INFO_AVAILABLE, onDRMMetadataInfoAvaialble);
  2. Implement the onDRMMetadataInfoAvailable section above the line in step 1.
    var onDRMMetadataInfoAvaialble = function(event) { 
     var drmMetadataInfo = event.drmMetadataInfo; 
     var drmMetadata = null; 
     if(drmMetadataInfo) { 
      drmMetadata = drmMetadataInfo.drmMetadata; 
     drmManager.acquireLicense(drmMetadata, null, null); 
  3. Create the DRMManager in the setupVideo method.
    var drmManager = player.drmManager;
  4. Create the protection data for Widevine and PlayReady by copying the following sample:
    var protectionData = { 
  5. Add the protection data to the drmManager.
  6. Change the resource URL to a DASH test stream.
    Ensure that you update the resource type, because this is now DASH.
    var resourceUrl = ""; 
    var resourceType = AdobePSDK.MediaResourceType.DASH;
  7. Test your configuration.