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#EXT-X-VERSION requirements

The version of #EXT-X-VERSION in the .m3u8 file affects what features are available to your application and what EXT tags are valid in your playlist/manifest.
Here is some information about the #EXT-X-VERSION tag, which specifies the HLS protocol version:
  • The version must match the features and attributes in the HLS playlist; otherwise, playback errors might occur. For more information, see HTTP Live Streaming specification .
  • Adobe recommends using at least version 2 for playback in Browser TVSDK-based clients.
    Clients and servers must implement the versions in the following way:
Use at least this version To use these features
  • Floating-point EXTINF duration values
    The duration tags ( #EXTINF: <duration>,<title>) in version 2 were rounded to integer values. Version 3 and above require durations to be exact in floating point.
  • The EXT-X-MEDIA tag
  • The AUDIO and VIDEO attributes of the EXT-X-STREAM-INF tag