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Set up the MediaPlayer

The MediaPlayer interface for Android encapsulates the functionality and behavior of a media player.
TVSDK provides one implementation of the MediaPlayer interface, the DefaultMediaPlayer class. When you need video playback functionality, instantiate DefaultMediaPlayer .
Interact with the DefaultMediaPlayer instance only with the methods that are exposed by the MediaPlayer interface.
  1. Instantiate a MediaPlayer using the public DefaultMediaPlayer.create factory method, passing a Java Android application context object.
    public static MediaPlayer create(Context context) 
  2. Call MediaPlayer.getView to get a reference to the MediaPlayerView instance.
    MediaPlayerView getView() throws IllegalStateException; 
  3. Place the MediaPlayerView instance in a FrameLayout instance, which places the video on the device's screen.
    FrameLayout playerFrame = (FrameLayout) view.findViewById(; 
The MediaPlayer instance is now available and properly configured to display video content on the device screen.