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Implement a custom opportunity detector

You can implement your own opportunity detectors by implementing the interface PlacementOpportunityDetector.
  1. Create a custom AdvertisingFactory instance and override createOpportunityDetector . For example:
    new AdvertisingFactory() { 
        public PlacementOpportunityDetector createOpportunityDetector(MediaPlayerItem item) { 
            return new CustomPlacementOpportunityDetector(); 
  2. Register the ad client factory to the MediaPlayer . For example:
    // register the custom advertising factory with media player 
    advertisingFactory = createCustomAdvertisingFactory(); 
  3. Create a custom opportunity detector class that extends the PlacementOpportunityDetector class.
    1. In the custom opportunity detector, override this function:
      public List<PlacementOpportunity> process(List<TimedMetadata> timedMetadataList, Metadata metadata)
      The timedMetadataList contains the list of available TimedMetadata , which is sorted. Metadata contains the targeting parameters and the custom parameters to be sent to the ad provider.
    2. For each TimedMetadata , create a List<PlacementOpportunity> . The list can be empty, but not null. PlacementOpportunity should have the following attributes:
          String id,                                      // can be id from timedMetadata 
          PlacementInformation placementInformation   // PlacementInformation object containing Type, time, duration 
          Metadata metadata                           // ad metadata containing targeting params sent to the ad provider 
    3. After placement opportunities are created for all the detected timed metadata objects, simply return the PlacementOpportunity list.
This is a sample custom placement opportunity detector:
public class CustomPlacementOpportunityDetector implements PlacementOpportunityDetector { 
    public List<PlacementOpportunity> process(List<TimedMetadata> timedMetadataList, Metadata metadata) { 
        List<PlacementOpportunity> opportunities = new ArrayList<PlacementOpportunity>(); 
        for (TimedMetadata timedMetadata : timedMetadataList) { 
            if (isOpportunity(timedMetadata)) {        // check if given timedMetadata should be  
                                                       // considered as an opportunity 
                // create an object of PlacementOpportunity and add it to the opportunities list 
                PlacementOpportunity opportunity =  
                  createPlacementOpportunity(timedMetadata, airingId, metadata); 
        return opportunities;