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Blackout API elements

TVSDK provides API elements that are useful when implementing blackouts, including methods, metadata, and notifications.
You can use the following when implementing a blackout solution in your player.
  • MediaPlayer
    • registerCurrentItemAsBackgroundItem Saves the currently loaded resource as the background resource. If replaceCurrentResource is called after this method, TVSDK continues to download the background item's manifest until you call unregisterCurrentBackgroundItem .
    • unregisterCurrentBackgroundItem Clears the currently set background resource and stops fetching and parsing the background manifest.
  • BlackoutMetadata A Metadata type that is specific to blackouts.
    This allows you to set nonseekable ranges (an additional TimeRange attribute called nonseekableRange ) on TVSDK. TVSDK checks for these ranges (whether the desired seek position falls within a nonseekableRange ) every time the user seeks. If it is set and the user seeks into a nonseekable range, TVSDK forces the viewer to the end time of the seekableRange .
  • START HERE NEXT DefaultMetadataKeys Enable or disable preroll on a live stream by setting ENABLE_LIVE_PREROLL to true or false. If false, TVSDK does not make an explicit ad server call for pre-roll ads before the content playback and so does not play the pre-roll. This has no impact on the mid-rolls. The default is true.
  • TimedMetadataEvent
    • TIMED_METADATA_IN_BACKGROUND_AVAILABLE event subtype - Dispatched when TVSDK detects a subscribed tag in the background manifest.
  • Notifications
      • Code: 204000
      • Type: Warning
      • Error in background manifest download.
    • SeekEvent.SEEK_POSITION_ADJUSTED Dispatched when a seek is attempted in a nonseekable range.