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StageVideo minimum requirements

On devices that support GPU (hardware) acceleration, you can use a object to process video directly on the device hardware.
A combination of different factors determine when and how you can use StageVideo . The following table presents a snapshot of some of the requirements and restrictions that are associated with using StageVideo. These requirements and restrictions are subject to change.
Platform Windows and Mac OS
Flash player
  • At least Flash 10.1 or later
  • For the fallback to software feature, Flash 15 and later
Browsers and wmode settings
On Flash 15 , set wmode=opaque so you can use HTML overlays.
The following browsers currently do not support hardware acceleration:
  • Mozilla Firefox on Microsoft Windows
  • Google Chrome before 26 and any version of Chrome on Windows XP and Vista
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (all versions)
Other browser/OS combinations might prevent access to hardware acceleration. In these scenarios, StageVideo falls back to software with a negative impact on performance.
On Flash 14 and earlier , if the browser does not support hardware acceleration, the Flash player can render directly to the GPU, but set wmode=direct to enable this rendering.
Tip: GPU drivers that are older than 2009 might need to be updated as these drivers might lack support for hardware acceleration.
NetStream object The StageVideoEvent.RENDER_STATE event is not dispatched unless you attach a NetStream object to the StageVideo object.