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Set up error handling

Set up a single place to handle errors.
  1. Implement an event callback function for MediaPlayerStatusChangeEvent.STATUS_CHANGED .
    TVSDK passes event information, such as a MediaPlayerStatusChangeEvent object.
  2. In the callback, when the status from the event parameter is MediaPlayerStatus.ERROR , provide logic to handle all errors.
  3. After the error is handled, reset the MediaPlayer object or load a new media resource.
    When the MediaPlayer object is in the ERROR state, it cannot exit this state until you either reset the MediaPlayer object (via the MediaPlayer.reset method) or load a new media resource ( MediaPlayer.replaceCurrentItem ).
For example:
private void onStatusChanged(event:MediaPlayerStatusChangeEvent):void { 
    if (event.status == MediaPlayerStatus.ERROR) { 
        var error:MediaError = event.error; 
        // handle TVSDK error here