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Hide a video view

After a MediaPlayer view has been used to play video, you can hide it and display it again by using a TVSDK method or manually.
You must pause a video before clearing it or moving it from the display.
  • Option 1: Clear the video frame with MediaPlayer.clearVideo ​ and replace the frame later.
    • Pause the video that you want to hide.
    • Remove the displayed video frame by calling MediaPlayer.clearVideo .
    • To reset the MediaPlayer so that it can be played again, call replaceCurrentResource or replaceCurrentItem .
  • Option 2: Move the MediaPlayer view off the screen and move it back later without having to replace it.
    • Pause the video that you want to hide.
    • Move the view out of the stage. For example:
      view.x = -300; 
      view.y = -300;
    • To display the video again, move the view back into the stage.