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TVSDK notification system

The TVSDK notification system produces various error, warning, and informational notices that provide diagnostic metadata.
Notification objects provide information related to the player's status. TVSDK provides a chronologically sorted list of notification objects, and each notification contains the following metadata:
Element Description
type The notification type. Depending on the platform, this property refers to an enumerated type with possible values of
      INFO, WARN, or ERROR. This is the top-level grouping for notifications.

code The numerical representation assigned to the notification.
  • Error notification events, from 100000 to 199999
  • Warning notification events, from 200000 to 299999
  • Information notification events, from 300000 to 399999
Each top-level range, such as errors, is divided into subranges, such as 101000 through 101999 representing playback errors.
name A string that contains a human-readable description of the code, such as SEEK_ERROR .
metadata Key/value pairs that contain additional relevant information about the notification. For example, a key named URL would be paired with a value that is a URL related to the notification, such as an invalid URL that caused an error.
innerNotification A reference to another PTNotification object that directly affected this notification. An example might be a notification about an ad-insertion failure that directly corresponds to a time-line insertion conflict. Not all notifications provide an inner notification.