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Set up the Media player

TVSDK provides tools for creating an advanced video player application (your Primetime player), that you can integrate with other Primetime components. It also provides a number of features designed to maximize the quality of video playback.
Instantiate a MediaPlayer and place a view of it into a frame layout.
  1. Instantiate MediaPlayer , passing an android.content.Context object to the constructor:
    MediaPlayer mediaPlayer = new MediaPlayer(context);
  2. Provide a frame layout ( android.widget.FrameLayout ) to hold a ViewGroup of mediaPlayer :
    FrameLayout playerFrame = (FrameLayout) _viewGroup.findViewById(;
    Below is the code snippet to create _viewGroup .
     public ViewGroup onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, ViewGroup container, 
       Bundle savedInstanceState) { 
      _viewGroup = (ViewGroup) inflater.inflate( 
        R.layout.fragment_player, container, false); 
      return _viewGroup; 
  3. Place a view of mediaPlayer inside the frame layout:
    The MediaPlayer instance ( mediaPlayer ) is now available and properly configured to display video content on the device screen.