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Widevine DRM

You can use the features of the Primetime Digital Rights Management (DRM) system to provide secure access to your video content. Alternatively, you can use third-party DRM solutions as an alternative to Adobe's integrated solution.
Contact your Adobe representative for the most up-to-date information on the availability of third-party DRM solutions.
You can use the Android native Widevine DRM with DASH streams.
Call the following com.adobe.mediacore.drm.DRMManager API before starting play:
public static void setProtectionData( 
    String drm,  
    String licenseServerURL,   
    Map<String, String> requestProperties)

  • drm - "com.widevine.alpha" for Widevine.
  • licenseServerURL - The URL of the Widevine license server that receives license requests.
  • requestProperties - Contains extra headers to include in the outgoing license request.
For example, when using content packaged for Expressplay DRM, use the following code before playing: