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Apply creative selection rules

TVSDK applies creative selection rules in the following ways:
  • TVSDK applies all default rules first, followed by the zone-specific rules.
  • TVSDK ignores any rules that are not defined for the current zone ID.
  • Once TVSDK applies the default rules, the zone-specific rules can further change the creative priorities based on the host (domain) matches on the creative selected by the default rules.
  • In the included sample rules file with additional zone rules, once TVSDK applies the default rules, if the M3U8 creative domain does not contain or and the ad zone is 1234 , the creatives are re-ordered and the Flash VPAID creative is played first if available. Otherwise an MP4 ad is played, and so on down to JavaScript.
  • If an ad creative is selected that TVSDK cannot play natively ( .mp4, .flv, etc.), TVSDK issues a repackaging request.
Note that the ad types that can be handled by TVSDK are still defined through the validMimeTypes setting in AuditudeSettings .