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JSON object for custom ad markers

The code block below defines the "details" JSON object when the type is custom ad markers.
The MetadataNode returned by IFeedItemAdapter:getStreamMetadata() contains 2 entries:
  1. an entry with key of type com.adobe.mediacore.metadata.DefaultMetadataKeys.CUSTOM_AD_MARKERS_METADATA_KEY and value of of an instance of the MetadataNode returned by TimeRangeCollection.toMetadata() .
  2. The second entry has a key of type com.adobe.mediacore.metadata.DefaultMetadataKeys.METADATA_KEY_ADJUST_SEEK_ENABLED with the value of the adjust-seek-position attribute below.
“metadata”: {
    “ad” :  {
        “type”: “custom ad markers”,
        “details”: {
            "adjust-seek-position": true,
            "time-ranges": [
                    "begin": 5000,
                    "begin": 120000,

true or false, used to set the value of the key com.adobe.mediacore.metadata.DefaultMetadataKeys.METADATA_KEY_ADJUST_SEEK_ENABLED in the MetadataNode.
An array of JSON Objects indicating the time range for each ad marker. Each JSON Object entry maps to an instance of com.adobe.mediacore.utils.TimeRange.
Value in ms indicating the start time of the ad marker.
Value in ms indicating the end time of the ad marker.
Refer to the TVSDK documentation for further information on how custom ad markers work.