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Primetime Release Notes

Welcome to the Adobe Primetime Release Notes. The documents listed in the left navigation provide release-specific information, system requirements, limitations, fixed issues, and known issues.

Enhancements and Fixes in TVSDK 3.8 iOS Release Notes

The release focused on iOS 13 compliance and handling iOS 13 UIWebView API deprecation.
Check out for more information about the current released version for iOS .

Fixes in TVSDK 3.10 Android

The release focused on resolving top customer issues.
Check out for more information about the current released version for Android .

Enhancements and Fixes in PTAI 19.11.1

Focused on maintenance updates.
For more information about the current released version of Dynamic Ad Insertion, see PTAI release notes .

See also

User Guide
Allows you to learn to develop applications and video players using Java on Android devices and Objective-C on iOS devices.
Explains the conversion and migration process to move from your existing Primetime TVSDK Suite to the next-generation suite.
Helps understand the TVSDK and modify the feature managers to customize your personal player.
Provides detailed information about TVSDK functions, data structures and other programming constructs.
Helps you learn more about various user scenarios in Digital Rights Management (DRM)
Explains how to monetize content by inserting user-targeted dynamic ads on the server and engage audience with personalized ads.
Download PDFs of the archived documentation.