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Release Notes - April 2015

Adobe Marketing Cloud maintenance releases with fixes and improvements, including Enterprise Dashboard in the Marketing Cloud;speed improvements in Adobe Mobile;support for campaign instances as a segmentation metric in data warehouse;new Social Tags and Publish Anywhere features in Adobe Social.
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Core Services

Marketing Cloud 15.4.1

New features and fixes in the Adobe Marketing Cloud interface.
Release date: April 8 2015
Feature Description
Administration improvements:
  • Enterprise Dashboard
  • Enterprise and federated ID support
User and group management functionality has been moved to the Enterprise Dashboard. The new navigation path is:
Marketing Cloud > Tools > Launch Enterprise Dashboard
Additionally, support for enterprise and federated IDs is available. You can use enterprise IDs, federated IDs, as well as Adobe IDs in the same enterprise deployment. For example, use Adobe IDs for users who may use other Adobe product and services. Use enterprise or federated IDs for users where you want to strictly manage their accounts.
  • Fixed an issue preventing single sign-on between the Marketing Cloud and Advertising Cloud.
Known Issues
  • A known issue is preventing audience sharing from report suites which are not owned by the linked Analytics account. Remedial efforts are underway

Adobe Mobile Services

Release date: April 16 2015
Improvements and Fixes
  • We updated our initial loading of Analytics apps to improve the speed of the login process.
  • Using the Provide Feedback tool to submit issues of type Bug now submits those issues directly to Customer Care and creates a ticket. Customer Care should contact you soon thereafter.
  • When creating an in-app message, you can now target the message using Lifetime Value or Locale .
  • On Manage App Settings, under App SDK Downloads, we added links for Unity, Xamarin, and Phonegap.
  • You can now link an Adobe Target company to your IMS organization for the length of your Mobile session.
  • Updated the Customer Care link under Provide Feedback for Question to be correct for certain locales.
See Adobe Mobile Services for product documentation. To see the release notes for previous releases, expand Previous Release Notes in the left pane.

Dynamic Tag Management

Release date: April 7 2015
Feature Description
Selective Publish
When creating a web property, the Enable Selective Publish option is set by default.
Improvements and Fixes
  • Added localization enhancements for the Adobe Analytics tool UI (Premium, Standard, and Point).
  • Updated the favicon icon that displays in browsers' address bars to match new Adobe branding.
See What's New in Dynamic Tag Management for current and cumulative release notes, help, and documentation updates.


New Features in Analytics

Release date: April 16 2015
Component Description
Data warehouse
Reduction of maximum rows per hit from 1000 to 100.
When a data warehouse request is submitted with multiple multi-value dimensions (e.g., various Mobile Reports), an exponential number of rows can be generated from a single hit. We are now capping the number of rows that can be output from a single hit at 100 (previously 1,000).
Starting with the May 2015 maintenance release, the option to launch Ad Hoc Analysis directly from within a report in Reports &amp Analytics will be removed.

Marketing Reports & Analytics

  • Fixed an issue with the compare date range settings for a dashboard having to be manually reset. Note that this fix works only for new bookmarks; existing ones will need to be opened and saved as .
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Item-specific Summary report to be created in PDF format.
  • Fixed an issue with the opt-out links in Exclude by Cookie/IP Address not working.
  • Fixed an issue with non-admin users not being able to access a summary report by clicking on a line item. This issue happened after a breakdown of the Pages Report by devices .

Data Warehouse

  • Fixed a discrepancy between Reports & Analytics and data warehouse data by adding support for campaign instances as a segmentation metric to data warehouse.
Data warehouse access from Version 14 has been removed. Learn more

Analytics Web Services (SOAP and REST APIs)

Improvements and Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with averageTimeSpentOnSite , where returns were showing identical data despite using different page titles (evar13) in segmentation.
  • The Reporting API now allows correlations. The elements returned from Report.GetElements now have information about what breakdown types are supported for that element. This improves data matching between report builder and reports & analytics.


Release date: April 17 2015
This release includes the following changes:
Feature Description
Social Tags
Use Social Tags as a centralized location to manage tags for use throughout Social .
Social Tags help classify content within Social . For example, you can tag social contact profiles, inbound content in moderation feeds, and outbound posts created in the Content Calendar or Publisher .
Publish Anywhere
Publishing is the most-used capability within Adobe Social . Publish Anywhere makes the ability to publish content to social networks available from anywhere within Social .
Note: Note that the Publish Anywhere feature is currently in Beta.

Audience Manager

Fixes, Enhancements, and Deprecations
This Social release focuses on improved performance, scalability, usability, and reliability. More than 650 back-end fixes and enhancements address these areas. The fixes highlighted below describe resolutions for the more important customer-reported issues.
  • The Social Applications feature has been officially deprecated in the Adobe Social (April 2015) release. This includes the removal of all application-related metrics, data, and API methods. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Social Account Manager. For full details, see the Adobe Social Applications - Deprecation Fact Sheet .
  • Fixed an issue that caused irregularities for the Twitter Total Reach metric in the Post Analytics report.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some campaigns to not display correctly in the Social Campaigns report.
  • Fixed an issue that caused multiple Facebook cover photos to display on the page after receiving a failure message in Social.
  • Enhanced the upload functionality for Facebook cover photos, especially if a failure occurs.
  • Fixed an issue that caused post-time discrepancies between child and master posts when duplicating posts.
  • Fixed an issue that caused posts to fail due to "Transaction isolation conflict detected" errors.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented thumbnail images from displaying in posts published to LinkedIn pages using a link attachment.
  • Fixed an issue that caused shortened URLs published to LinkedIn pages to malfunction.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the bulk moderation icons to not display in the Social interface.
  • Fixed an issue in the Social interface that caused the scroll bar to not display in the Add New Property dialog box when adding YouTube channels.
  • Fixed an issue that caused scrolling issues in some Social dialog boxes on mobile devices (for example, when escalating a post in a moderation feed).


Refer to the Adobe Target Release Notes for the latest release information about the following products:
  • Target Standard and Premium
  • Target Classic
  • Recommendations Classic