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Release Notes - May 2015

Learn about new features and fixes in the Adobe Marketing Cloud.
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Core Services

Marketing Cloud Interface 15.5.1

New features and fixes in the Adobe Marketing Cloud interface.
Release date: May 13, 2015
The left navigation menus have been updated and arranged to provide access to all of the core services and solutions. Notable changes include:
  • The Audience Library and Customer Attributes menu selections are now located under Audiences.
  • The Exchange menu selection was moved from the Help drop-down menu to the left navigation rail.
  • Solutions has been removed. You can launch all solutions from the bottom half of the navigation rail.
  • Fixed an issue preventing customer attributes from syncing for some customers.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Adobe Target Product Documentation page from displaying in Japanese.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the use of Japanese text in comments between the Creative Cloud and the Marketing Cloud.

Adobe Mobile Services

New features and fixes in the Adobe Mobile Services interface.
Feature Description
Acquisition links
Added a desktop browser regional override for acquisition links. This setting lets you select the region-specific app store that you want an acquisition link to direct to when a user clicks the link from a desktop browser.
This feature can be set only by those users with administrative privileges to create Acquisition Links (Mobile App Admins).
PDF/CSV export for Ranked , Trended , Retention , Funnel , Geo Location , and Sunburst reports. (Public Beta)
  • Resolved issue for some IMS users redirecting from not seeing any apps in
  • Added custom calendar support in Retention for 4-5-4 and 4-4-5 (custom and retail). New features and fixes in the Adobe Mobile Services SDKs.
Update Description
iOS SDK Version 4.5
Starting in iOS SDK version 4.5, a new iOS extension lets you collect usage data from your Apple Watch Apps, Today Widgets, Photo Editing widgets, and all the other iOS extension apps.
Android SDK Version 4.5
Starting in Android SDK version 4.5, a new Android extension lets you collect data from your Android Wearable app.
Adobe strongly recommends that you do not create your own wrappers for our SDKs and track wearables using older versions. Doing so will likely cause issues with your data.
See Adobe Mobile Services for product documentation. To see the release notes for previous releases, expand Previous Release Notes in the left pane.


New Features/Changes in Analytics

Component Feature Description
Data Warehouse Added "Marketing Channel Last Touch Instances" metric for Data Warehouse reporting.
Data Sources modification coming in June 2015
Reports & Analytics has not supported data sources of type “Traffic Data Source" since the introduction of SiteCatalyst 15. The data sources user interface still allows you to create a Traffic Data Source, but this kind of data source can only be applied to date ranges prior to the date when your company migrated from SiteCatalyst 14 to SiteCatalyst 15. Next month (June 2015), Adobe plans to remove Traffic Data Sources as an option. In June, we will also introduce new capabilities in Reports & Analytics that will allow you to create simple traffic metrics without the need for Traffic Data Sources.

Reports & Analytics

  • Fixed an issue with Target campaign reports not showing up in Reports & Analytics.
  • Fixed an issue with special characters in Target campaign names preventing their reporting in Reports & Analytics.
    • An Access Denied error displaying when creating breakdowns in Marketing Channel reports, and in calculated metrics on a Campaigns report.
    • An interface reset in which the report changed to a different one when applying changes to a segment.
  • Fixed an issue with Bots reports in dashboards not showing correct data.
  • Fixed an issue with the Edit (pencil) icon when editing segments Internet Explorer 11. This issue forced you to click the Edit icon twice to load the Segment Manager.
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect metric name and currency unit were displayed in a Contribution Analysis report.

Data Warehouse

Feature Description
Report API 1.4
Data warehouse supports the Analytics Reporting API 1.4.
See Report.Queue in the Data Warehouse API documentation on the Developer Connection.

AppMeasurement and Mobile SDKs

Marketing Cloud Visitor ID Service
Version 1.4
As of version 1.4, the preferred method of setting configuration is passing in a config object in as the second parameter to the Visitor.getInstance function.
Example Config Initialization:
var visitor = Visitor.getInstance("016D5C175213CCA80A490D05@AdobeOrg",{ 

The ID sync functionality releasing on May 21 only works for JavaScript. There is no Flash support at this time.
AppMeasurement for JavaScript
Version 1.4.5
  • Inclusion of Marketing Cloud Visitor ID Service API 1.4.
  • Updated Audience Manager module to use DIL version 6.0.
Version H.27.5 Update
  • Inclusion of Marketing Cloud Visitor ID Service API 1.4.
Version 3.9.2 Update
  • Inclusion of Marketing Cloud Visitor ID Service API 1.4.
AppMeasurement for Other Platforms
See AppMeasurement Release History the following for a release history of AppMeasurement on the following platforms:
  • JavaScript
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Flash-Flex
  • OSX
  • Windows Phone, XBOX, Silverlight, and .NET
  • BlackBerry
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Symbian


The Social release (05/21/2015) includes the following changes:
Feature Description
Facebook dark posts
Create posts on Facebook that do not display on your Timeline but can be accessed with direct links. This option lets content creators create posts to be promoted as sponsored (paid) ads.
New reserved events in Adobe Analytics
Currently there are metrics we receive from social networks that cannot be reported on in Adobe Analytics . New reserved events let you create custom reports in Analytics to view social data alongside web data.
Adobe Social Mobile App
The Adobe Social Mobile app for iOS will be available in the Apple App Store in June 2015.
For training videos on these new features, see What's New for May 2015 .
Feature Description
Video publishing
Select a still frame from anywhere in the video to upload and use as that video's thumbnail image in the post. Previously, Social selected the opening frame to be used as the thumbnail image.
Twitter geo-targeting
On March 1, 2015, Adobe Social discontinued support for geo-targeting of tweets. After working with Twitter, geo-targeting is available again.
Approving posts
Publishing approvers can now approve a post from its preview.
Twitter direct message images
Improved the method Social uses to fetch and display images in Twitter direct messages in moderation feeds.
Social tags
You can now create a tag group or tag with the same name as a previously deleted tag group or tag.
This Social release focuses on improved performance, scalability, usability, and reliability. More than 140 back-end fixes and enhancements address these areas. The fixes highlighted below describe resolutions for the more important customer-reported issues.
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect data to display for Facebook pages in the Competitor Analytics report.
  • Fixed an issue that caused discrepancies in the number of reported Twitter followers.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented tracking parameters from appending to posts created using the Publish Anywhere feature.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused posts to fail with a timeout error.
  • Fixed an issue with shortened links where links to pages within a website redirected to the company's homepage.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some invalid content (posts, comments, and replies) to appear in moderation feeds. Code enhancements will help our collection system more effectively block Invalid content that does not match the page.


Refer to the Adobe Target Release Notes for the latest release information about the following products:
  • Target Standard and Premium
  • Target Classic
  • Recommendations Classic

Audience Manager

Audience Marketplace provides specialized features that lets data buyers and data providers execute data deals in a self-service manner with minimum effort. Talk to your Audience Manager consultant to get started. They can activate Audience Marketplace for you.
Fixes, Enhancements, and Deprecations
  • Create Groups : Simplified steps and directions for creating groups and assigning permissions.
  • Understanding Wild Card Permissions : Use Wild Card Permissions to give group members access to new data sources automatically. With standard permissions, you must manually assign new data sources to a group.
Known Issues
In the VisitorAPI / AppMeasurement Audience Manager Module integrations, there will be two destination publishing iFrame requests made in IE6-9: //fast.<subdomain> and //fast.<subdomain> . The correct behavior, as seen in other browsers, is to only load //fast.<subdomain> .

Key Documentation Updates

Item Description Date Published
Added Adobe Managed Certificate Program to the revamped First-Party Cookies product documentation.
The managed certificate program lets you implement a new first-party SSL certificate for first-party cookies at no additional cost.
May 22, 2015
Revamped the Adobe Mobile product documentation.
May 22, 2015
A high-level round-up what you need to do to modernize your solution implementations for core services.
March 19, 2015
If you capture enterprise customer data in a customer relationship management (CRM) database, you can upload that data into the Marketing Cloud.
March 19, 2015
Analytics Spring Release
See the New Features section in Analytics for a round-up of new documentation for the Spring 2015 Analytics release.
March 19, 2015
Analytics Classification Rules - overwrite existing values
In Admin Tools > Classification Rule Builder > &lt;rule set name&gt; , two new options enable you to select an overwrite mode:
  • Rules overwrite any existing values: (Default setting) Always overwrite existing classification keys, including classifications uploaded via the importer (SAINT).
  • Rules overwrite only unset values: Only fill in blank (unset) cells. Existing classifications will not be changed.
Previously, if a key was already classified in any column or cell, the rule would not run on that key, and the row in the table was skipped.
February 19, 2015