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Release Notes - August 2015

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Experience Cloud and Core Services

Dynamic Tag Management

Release date: July 13, 2015
Adobe has deprecated the use of Amazon S3 as a DTM library hosting option.
See What's New in Dynamic Tag Management for current and cumulative release notes, help, and documentation updates.
  • New Features in Analytics (Updated 8/21/2015): The deprecated SFTP key (communicated publicly in the Fall of 2013) used for transferring data warehouse reports and data feeds was permanently removed.
    Please contact Client Care to obtain a new SFTP key. Note that Adobe now supports both RSA and DSA keys (since not all SFTP implementations support one or the other). (AN-102692)


New Features in Analytics

Last update: August 20, 2015
Feature Description
Current Password field
In Admin > User Management , the Current Password field has been added for security purposes. Administrators who want to add a user account, or edit an existing one, must enter their administrative password in this field.

Reports & Analytics Fixes

  • Updated the Classification Rule Builder with the Select Report Suites and Variables panel. This panel lets you add report suites and variables to an existing rule set. Previously, you specified the variable and report suite while creating the rule set. This change prevents reported issues occurring with classification variables.
  • Fixed a permissions issue that occurred when creating and editing segments. (AN-106175)
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when a user, after checking “Remember Me” on the login page, logged in and tried to modify a report that was sent via a link. This resulted in an “Access Denied” error. (AN-89504 + AN-107008)
  • Fixed an issue with hourly alerts not working properly on calculated metrics reports. (AN-105946)
  • Fixed an issue with the View All Reports search feature not working in IE 11. (AN-104672 + AN-102566)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the use of special characters (UTF-8 and multi-byte) in processing rules. (AN-102095)
  • Fixed an issue where the Product View metric was missing from the Product report. (AN-106692)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the scheduling of reports with a delivery frequency of Yearly. (AN-105562)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented scheduled dashboards with multi-byte characters from getting delivered. (AN-106309)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Segment and User Management interfaces from loading. (AN-106627)
  • Fixed an issue that caused Segment Details to not be displayed. (AN-105185)
  • Fixed an issue with hourly alerts getting triggered incorrectly. (AN-97573 + AN-105946)
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in an error when creating targets that contained calculated metrics. (AN-104410)
  • Fixed an issue with calculated metrics in trended reports. (AN-105606)
  • Fixed an issue with daily alerts not matching the values shown in the Key Metrics report. (AN-105953)

Ad Hoc Analysis Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from sharing segments with certain other users in the Ad Hoc Analysis Segment Manager. (AN-105679)
  • Fixed an issue that occurred after the name (not the definition) of a calculated metric was changed and this resulted in different values being returned. (AN-106214)
  • Fixed an issue with Ad Hoc reports not loading properly when using "Time" as the metric type. (AN-105806)
  • Fixed an issue with hierarchy views not reporting data. (AN-103234)
  • Fixed an issue with the Ad Hoc Analysis Segment Builder not offering “Minute” as a Within option in sequential segmentation. (AN-105632)
  • Fixed an issue with statistics in Ad Hoc Analysis when report dimensions are used. (AN-105864)

Data Warehouse Fixes

  • Fixed a Transactional Data Source data discrepancy between Reports &amp Analytics and Data Warehouse, regarding metric calculations for entry pages. (AN-102263)
  • Fixed an issue where some hits were not getting proper participation credit. (AN-106759)
  • Fixed an issue where applying a segment containing classifications for the First/Last Touch Channel report to a data warehouse report did not retrieve any data. (AN-89294)
  • Fixed an issue that caused crashes on column values larger than 2KB in size. (AN-106201, AN-106850)
  • Fixed a Tableau file issue where the .csv file extension was not added when .csv was part of the file name. (AN-106466)
  • Fixed an issue with Tableau files’ UTF-8 string handling in unicode fields. (AN-106467)

Clickstream Data Feed Fixes

  • Update notice: We are updating our data feed delivery infrastructure. We are adding additional IP addresses to the pool that we already use to deliver data feeds. If you have IP white list on your FTP sites that data feeds are delivering to, you will need to add these additional IP addresses to that white list.
    • London:, addition scheduled August 13, 2015
    • Oakland:, addition scheduled August 20, 2015
    • Dallas:, addition scheduled August 27, 2015
  • When using Amazon S3 to deliver data, a newly implemented BucketOwnerFullControl feature assigns permission for cross-account uploads, making it possible for a user to create objects in a bucket that belong to a completely different account. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) account owner creates a bucket, creates a user with permissions to create objects in the bucket, and then provides credentials for another user to create objects. See Configuring Data Feeds for complete information on this feature.

AppMeasurement and Mobile SDKs

Marketing Cloud Visitor ID Service
Version 1.5.1
  • Fixed a bug to prevent the Visitor ID Service from requesting an iframe if there's no data to synchronize or fire. (AAM-20164)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Visitor ID Service from properly setting a multi-part, top-level domain cookie. For example, if you have a domain like , under some circumstances, the Visitor ID Service would set a cookie in only. (AN-104683)
    This only affected a few clients that met all of the following criteria:
    • Using the Visitor ID Service.
    • Enabled a grace period or are using first-party cookies and users block third-party cookies.
    • Have pages with multi-part, top-level domains.
Known Issues
Analytics and Target customers may experience latency increases after implementing the Visitor ID Service.
AppMeasurement for JavaScript
Version 1.5.5
  • Inclusion of Visitor API 1.5.1
JavaScript H code (Legacy)
Version H.27.5
  • Inclusion of Visitor API 1.5.1
AppMeasurement for Other Platforms
See AppMeasurement Release History the following for a release history of AppMeasurement on the following platforms:
  • JavaScript
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Flash-Flex
  • OSX
  • Windows Phone, XBOX, Silverlight, and .NET
  • BlackBerry
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Symbian

Audience Manager

Feature Description
Profile Link works with cross-device data sources to identify and collect traits for a person on multiple devices.
Profile Link , includes the Profile Merge Rules feature. Profile Merge Rules gives you control over the type of data sets that are used for segmentation. This lets you accurately target a person with the right message across multiple devices.
Fixes, Enhancements, and Deprecations
  • Fixed a bug with Firefox that prevented you from setting a start date for sending segments to a destination. (AAM-15785)
  • Fixed a bug in Trait Builder that prevented the code view from displaying trait components properly when switching between Expression Builder and Code View. (AAM-15919, AAM-20121)
  • Fixed a bug in Audience Marketplace that let you model a data feed even when it was not enabled for modeling. (AAM-16495)
  • In the basic information for a destination, the Data Export labels show user-friendly names for the export controls applied to the destination. (AAM-19824)
  • Fixed multiple Segment Builder bugs that prevented it from:
    • Returning updated segment size data after editing a segment. (AAM-15809)
    • Returning trait sizes for 30-day intervals. (AAM-15982)
    • Recalculating the estimated segment size when building a complex rule. (AAM-20265)
  • Fixed multiple Audience Marketplace bugs:
    • Data buyers no longer see test or demo subscriber accounts. (AAM-11819)
    • The Venn diagram for a subscribed feed shows the overlap between your segment and the provider's segment as a frequency count instead of a %. (AAM-20495)
New and Revised Documentation
Known Issues
Analytics customers need to set an integration code when using the Master Marketing Profile and passing declared IDs to Audience Manager with the Visitor ID Service.


Feature Description
Publish Anywhere
Create and post content to social networks from anywhere within Social .
Create multi-image tweets
Use Publish Anywhere to create tweets that contain multiple images to increase engagement.
Download a moderation feed's contents.
Download the content of a moderation feed to a Microsoft Excel file, including verbatims and the volume of content within the feed without having to dedupe the Moderation Overview report's exported file contents.
Adobe Aviary Integration
Edit photos with all of the features of the Adobe Aviary app within the Adobe Social mobile app. Add text (hashtags or memes), apply filters, and crop or retouch photos in a streamlined workflow.
Fixes and Enhancements
This Social release focuses on improved performance, scalability, usability, and reliability. More than 480 back-end fixes and enhancements address these areas. The fixes highlighted below describe resolutions for the more important customer-reported issues.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a thumbnail from displaying on Facebook if the post was published using the Attach Link option to point to a video that was already uploaded to Facebook.
  • Fixed issues in the Publish Anywhere feature when accessed in Internet Explorer 9 (selecting frequently used properties, browsing for photos, and some UI text not displaying properly).
  • Fixed an issue that prevented +1 metrics from displaying in the Post Analytics report.


Refer to the Adobe Target Release Notes for the latest release information about the following products:
  • Target Standard and Premium
  • Target Classic
  • Recommendations Classic

Key Documentation Updates

Item Description Date Published
Updated the Classification Rule Builder so that you add report suites and variables to a rule set when editing an existing rule set (after creating the rule set). Previously, you specified the variable and report suite while creating the rule set. This change prevents reported issues occurring with classification variables.
August 20, 2015
Added Adobe Managed Certificate Program to the revamped First-Party Cookies product documentation.
The managed certificate program lets you implement a new first-party SSL certificate for first-party cookies at no additional cost.
May 22, 2015
Revamped the Adobe Mobile product documentation.
May 22, 2015
A high-level round-up what you need to do to modernize your solution implementations for core services.
March 19, 2015
If you capture enterprise customer data in a customer relationship management (CRM) database, you can upload that data into the Marketing Cloud.
March 19, 2015
Analytics Spring Release
See the New Features section in Analytics for a round-up of new documentation for the Spring 2015 Analytics release.
March 19, 2015
Analytics Classification Rules - overwrite existing values
In Admin Tools > Classification Rule Builder > <rule set name> , two new options enable you to select an overwrite mode:
  • Rules overwrite any existing values: (Default setting) Always overwrite existing classification keys, including classifications uploaded via the importer (SAINT).
  • Rules overwrite only unset values: Only fill in blank (unset) cells. Existing classifications will not be changed.
Previously, if a key was already classified in any column or cell, the rule would not run on that key, and the row in the table was skipped.
February 19, 2015