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Release Notes - January 2017

New features and fixes in the Adobe Marketing Cloud.
To receive release notes one week prior to the monthly product update, subscribe to the Adobe Priority Product Update . Release information in the Priority Product Update comes one week in advance of the release date. Please check back at release time for updates.

Experience Cloud

New features and fixes in the Experience Cloud.

Marketing Cloud ID Service

This release increments the Marketing Cloud ID service code ( VisitorAPI.js ) to version 2.0. It includes the following features, fixes, and other changes.
The ID service code v2.0 automatically synchronizes IDs with Adobe Advertising Cloud by default. See also, Understanding ID Synchronization and Match Rates .
  • Fixed a bug that prevented AppMeasurement from making tracking calls to Analytics. (MCID-254, MCID-256, MCID-286)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the ID service from failing right away if a visitor had enabled an ad blocker and that blocker was configured to exclude the domain. This is a rare and unusual bug because most ad blocking tools do not block the domain. (MCID-233)
  • Fixed a bug caused by interactions between ID service code and a custom script on a customer's website. This issue prevented Internet Explorer 9 from loading Web pages. (MCID-206)
Marketing Cloud ID Service help is located here .

Dynamic Tag Management

Feature Description
Marketing Cloud ID Service Library updates
Customers using Marketing Cloud ID Service Library v1.6.0+ with Adobe Analytics requires Analytics library version 1.6.2+. Please update as needed.
Customers using Marketing Cloud ID Service Library v1.10.0 and using setCustomerIDs() need to update to AppMeasurement 1.8.0.
Timezone information added to email notifications
This enhancement fixes an issue that resulted in timestamp discrepancies.
  • This release of Dynamic Tag Management contains a number of small security enhancements.
See What's New in Dynamic Tag Management for current and cumulative release notes, help, and documentation updates.

Adobe Mobile Services

Resource Description
Italian language is now supported.
Retention report performance has been improved.
Technology Breakdown PDF will now reflect secondary metric, hidden, selected, and zoomed audiences.
Updated Usage and Technology Overviews to show the Operating System Type dimension rather than the deprecated Mobile Operating System dimension.
Android (version 4.13.3):
  • In-App Messaging : Fixed an issue that prevented the display of alert messages with no click-through button.
  • Analytics : Improved handling of read-only database access.
  • Universal Links : Fixed a bug that was causing deferred deep links attached to acquisition data to fire on successive launches.
iOS (version 4.13.3):
  • In-App Messaging : You can now disable full-screen messages when VoiceOver is running.
  • Analytics : Improved handling of read-only database access.
  • General: Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause a crash when calling a tracking method from the background while using App Groups.
See Adobe Mobile Services for product documentation. To see the release notes for previous releases, expand Previous Release Notes in the left pane.
Maintenance release date: January 19, 2017


Important Notices for Analytics Administrators

Review the following table for important Analytics notices that may affect data collection, processing, APIs, product end-of-life, and so on.
Notice Date Added or Updated Description
Removed restrictions on how Analytics handles technology data
November 14, 2016
Previously, Adobe Analytics did not record technology data for mobile web traffic. Meaning, reports in the Visitor Profile > Technology section in Reports & Analytics did not receive data for mobile web hits. Beginning with this release, the following reports will populate from mobile web traffic:
  • Java
  • JavaScript / JavaScript Version
  • Color Depth
  • Resolution
  • Browser Width
  • Browser Height
  • Referrer Type (typed / bookmarked)
Analytics API 1.3 deprecation.
September 15, 2016
Analytics APIs version 1.3 will be officially deprecated as of September 15, 2016. To prevent disruption, Adobe recommends upgrading to the latest API versions as soon as possible.
See the API Support Policy page for more information.
AppMeasurement 1.6.3 and Visitor API 1.6.0
August 4, 2016
Version 1.6.0 of the Marketing Cloud ID service requires AppMeasurement for JavaScript version 1.6.3 or higher. If you want to upgrade to version 1.6.0 of the Marketing Cloud ID service, please make sure you are using AppMeasurement code verison 1.6.3 or higher.

New Features in Analytics

Feature Description
Analysis Workspace enhancements
  • You can now send and download a PDF in Workspace without having to save the project . The name of the PDF file matches the current name of the project. The downloaded PDF includes the unsaved changes in the project. Note that you cannot schedule unsaved projects. (You can also send and download unsaved CSV files, but you cannot schedule them.) More...
  • You now have the option to auto-share project components (segments, calculated metrics, and date ranges) with all recipients. After being shared, these components will appear in the components drop-down of the recipient’s Workspace. More...
  • Added support for Fallout visualization in CSV .
  • Date ranges in segments : You can drop date ranges on segment drop zones (for example, panel segment drop zones, Fallout visualization segment drop zones, and so on.). The date ranges are auto-converted into segments. The date ranges can be custom and non-custom but not granularities like hour/day/week/month/quarter/year. More...
  • You can now add a time period to each column in a table , enabling you to add a time period that is different from the one your calendar is set to. This feature is another way you can compare dates. You can also align dates from each column to all start on the same row. More...
New metric - Visitors with Marketing Cloud ID
Visitors with Marketing Cloud ID is available in Analysis Workspace and the Segment Builder. This metric shows the number of visitors that have a Marketing Cloud ID. You can understand which pages have the Marketing Cloud ID service deployed, and you can understand how many visitors can be shared with other Marketing Cloud solutions. You can also use this metric in segments that are shared to the Marketing Cloud. (You must log in via the Marketing Cloud to use this new metric.)

Analytics Fixes and Improvements

Fixes were applied to the following products and services:
Product Fixes
Analysis Workspace
  • Fixed an issue that caused Workspace to freeze when dropping in dimensions. (AN-136256)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Summary Change number to change when locking selected items and resizing the Summary Change visualization. (AN-136028)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the duplication of panels and visualizations. (AN-135772, AN-135682)
  • Fixed an issue that caused Summary numbers and Summary Change numbers in projects downloaded or sent as PDFs to get truncated. (AN-135741)
  • Fixed an issue that caused some projects with collapsed visualizations to not download and send as PDFs. (AN-135511)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Workspace projects from loading. (AN-135253, AN-134445)
  • Fixed an issue that caused Histogram visualizations to show the wrong currency. (AN-135230)
  • Fixed an issue that caused Summary Change visualizations to change values after being saved. (AN-135161, AN-134767)
  • Fixed an issue that displayed decimal values (and at least 4 digits after the decimal point) with periods as well as commas in Workspace projects. (AN-134889)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some users from accessing Workspace. (AN-134885)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Workspace from applying metric polarity to conditional formatting. (AN-134314)
  • Fixed an issue with Workspace unable to share some projects with certain users. (AN-134154)
  • Fixed an issue with Workspace projects not retaining their saved layout. (AN-133810)
  • Fixed an issue with the “Show Anomalies” setting not working as expected in some situations. ( AN-133721)
  • Fixed an issue with Workspace dimensions and metrics disappearing intermittently. (AN-133421)
  • Fixed an issue with Segment Comparison not finishing. (AN-133222)
  • Fixed an issue with changes to scheduled Workspace projects triggering unnecessary emails. (AN-131167)
  • Fixed an issue with locking visualizations that included breakdown rows. (AN-130944)
  • Fixed an issue with Workspace visualizations not showing the Report Suite currency. (AN-130196)
  • Fixed an issue with occasional improper date sorting in Workspace. (AN-127586)
  • Fixed an issue with editing custom conditional formatting. (AN-134210)
  • Fixed an issue with PDFs containing no data for certain visualizations. (AN-134904)
  • Fixed an issue that caused missing Workspace project data in scheduled PDFs. (AN-136104)
Reports & Analytics
  • (January 24, 2017) Fixed a defect where "0" was being inserted for an empty Postal (Zip) Code field. When a zip is not known or is not available or supported for an IP address, the geo info provider sometimes returns a blank value (which showed as a None item in the reports) and sometimes returns a 0 value. The 0 value now is blanked out so that what was two lines in reporting shows together in a single None line item. (AN-134076, AN-133097)
  • Fixed an issue with alerts getting delivered late. (AN-135010)
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in an error when running anomaly detection. (AN-132517)
  • Fixed a preview issue with calculated metrics that contain metrics that are no longer supported, such as “daily unique visitors”. Going forward, those metrics will display this message: “"Previews are not supported for this metric". (AN-129452)
  • Fixed a user permissions issue where changing permissions to non-Admin from Admin was not saved. (AN-134393)
  • Fixed an issue where applying a newly created segment to a report reverted users to a mis-configured report. (AN-134560, AN-136367, AN-135152, AN-135645, AN-134405, AN-133270)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the saving of alerts. (AN-136589)
  • Fixed an issue with conversion reports not showing up if there are no conversion metrics. (AN-134441)
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when switching report suites: some traffic reports displayed when they should not have. (AN-136348)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented dashboards from being scheduled/downloaded as PDFs. (AN-129605)
  • Fixed an issue with the Video variable being misnamed in some reports. (AN-131274)
  • (AN-127376) Removed the Page Name requirement from the Mobile Hits metric because it caused data to come back as null.
  • Fixed a bug that could impact reporting numbers. To fix the issue, the look-back for reports to the default date range was reduced. (AN-131186)
  • Fixed an issue with linear allocation that resulted in differences between reports in Reports & Analytics and Analytics Workspace. (AN-128166)
  • Fixed an issue that affected reporting when breaking down mvvars by classifications of the same mvvar. (AN-134574)
  • Prior to this release, attribution look-back was computed over the union of all date ranges for all metrics on a report, then expanded to include all of the months for those date ranges. With this release, each metric is independent, so attribution look-back is not expanded when another metric is added. (AN-136600)
  • Fixed a Classifications Rule Builder issue that caused regular expressions not to save. (AN-130199)
  • Fixed a Classifications security issue. (AN-130691)
Ad Hoc Analysis
  • Fixed an issue with scheduled reports not getting delivered even though the “End by” date was set to “Never.” (AN-133817)
Data Warehouse
  • Fixed a configuration issue that prevented custom events above 200 from being loaded. (AN-135740)
AppMeasurement (Legacy and Mobile SDKs)
AppMeasurement for JavaScript
JavaScript Version 1.8.0 (January 19, 2017)
  • Include VisitorAPI 2.0.0 ( Marketing Cloud ID Service )
  • Re-sequenced function calls and checks so that the SDID is consumed after the abort check has completed. (AN-134364)
  • Added the following pre- and post-tracking call hooks. (AN-134567)
    • s.registerPreTrackCallback
    • s.registerPostTrackCallback
    See AppMeasurement for JavaScript (release January 19, 2017) for more information.
AppMeasurement for Other Platforms
See AppMeasurement Release History the following for a release history of AppMeasurement on the following platforms:
  • JavaScript
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Flash-Flex
  • OSX
  • Windows Phone, XBOX, Silverlight, and .NET
  • BlackBerry
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Symbian

Audience Manager

Updated January 31
Feature Description
DIL and Google Universal Analytics
Added a new DIL function, GA.submitUniversalAnalytics that lets you send data from Google's Universal Analytics to Audience Manager . See GA.submitUniversalAnalytics .
Advertiser Analytics Reports
New features include:
  • A filter for mapped and unmapped segments.
  • An updated Segment Dashboard that shows separate trend and volume analysis reports.
  • The ability to view impressions, click-through rate, and conversion rates simultaneously in the Segment Dashboard .
Fixes, Enhancements, and Deprecations
  • Fixed a SQL bug that returned a system error message instead of a user-friendly message when creating a server-to-server destination. (AAM-21187)
  • Fixed a bug with the Traits landing page select all check box that prevented you from selecting all the traits in the list. (AAM-26031)
  • Fixed a bug in the Visitor Profile Viewer that displayed dates in the local time rather than in the UTC time zone. (AAM-26061)
  • Fixed a bug that let users with Admin permissions create a folder with ID 0 that could not be deleted. (AAM-26558)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some customers that have assigned Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) to user groups from working with segments. (AAM-26632)
  • Fixed a bug that returned data from a deleted data source. (AAM-26716)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Profile Merge Rules from loading in Internet Explorer. (AAM-27557)
  • Fixed a bug in Audience Marketplace that sent empty .csv files to data buyers when data providers revoked access to a data feed. (AAM-27671)
Enhancements include:
  • Design changes to the Destinations and Segments details pages that are designed to help improve usability. (AAM-25723)
  • New 14-day, 90-day, and lifetime date ranges for segment populations. (AAM-27712)
DIL Bug Fixes, Enhancements, and Deprecated Code
DIL is the API data collection code for Audience Manager. The January release increments DIL to version 6.8.
This release changes the way the DIL.create function responds when it encounters an error. With v6.8, DIL throws a descriptive error that stops code execution and indicates the nature of the error.
New and Revised Documentation
CSV Files for Overlap Reports . You can request a .csv file for an Overlap Report when that report reaches its 1-million record limit.
Server maintenance is schedule for 1/30/2017 at 1:00-4:00 AM PST. During this window, the Publisher will be unavailable and scheduled posts will not be published. Please plan accordingly.
Feature Description
Analytics admins now have access to Social report suite enablement/disablement.
API Changes Description
Updated image file size limit for FB in Adobe Social to match that of Facebook's API: 10 MB.
For targeted LinkedIn Company page updates, LinkedIn has changed the minimum follower requirement from 100 to 300. Company pages with under 300 followers will still be able to post to all followers, but not to a targeted segment.


Refer to the Adobe Target Release Notes for the latest release information about the following products:
  • Target Standard and Premium
  • Target Classic
  • Recommendations Classic


Links from Adobe Analytics to all Adobe point products, including Search & Promote, have been removed from navigation. Users of these tools can log in either via Marketing Cloud (where supported) or directly. To log in to Search & Promote, use this link: .


  • Version 17.1.1 is now available.
Adobe Campaign provides an intuitive, automated way to deliver one-to-one messages across online and offline marketing channels. You can now anticipate what your clients want using experiences determined by their habits and preferences.
For product documentation, see:
Adobe Campaign Standard
Adobe Campaign V6

Experience Manager

Adobe recommends customers with on-premise deployments to deploy the latest patches to ensure higher stability, security, and performance.

AEM new features

Title Description
Product releases
Includes significant performance enhancements, custom video thumbnails support, and dynamic media color management capabilities in AEM Assets since the general availability of AEM 6.2.
For more information, see the AEM 6.2 Feature Pack 2 release notes .
Includes new scalability, performance, and usability improvements for AEM 6.1 customers.
Product maintenance
AEM 6.2 Service Pack 1
AEM 6.2 Service Pack 1 is an important update that includes performance, stability, security, and key customer fixes and enhancements released since the general availability of AEM 6.2 in April, 2016.
You can install AEM 6.2 Service Pack 1 on AEM 6.2 GA after applying Hotfix 12785 to it. Some of the key highlights of the service pack are the following:
  • The built-in repository-Apache Jackrabbit Oak-is updated to version 1.4.6.
  • Includes hotfixes for key performance, usability, and customer reported issues in AEM 6.2 and 6.1.
  • Improved stability, scalability, and ingestion performance for AEM Assets.
  • Resolved issues with handling translation location and templates in AEM Sites.
  • Improved the stability of translation jobs.
  • Improved the search experience on the Welcome screen.
  • Improved the preview experience for assets, including video assets
  • Resolved replication issues around user preferences.
For more information, see the AEM 6.2 Service Pack 1 release notes .
AEM 6.1 SP2-CFP4
AEM 6.1 SP2 (Service Pack 2)-CFP4 (Cumulative Fix Pack 4) is an important update that includes key customer fixes released since the general availability of AEM 6.1 SP2 in August, 2016.
AEM 6.1 SP2-CFP4 also includes the Apache Jackrabbit Oak repository 1.2.18 .
Note: AEM 6.1 SP2-CFP4 is dependent on AEM 6.1 Service Pack 2. Therefore, be sure you first install AEM 6.1 SP2. For AEM 6.1 SP2 installation instruction, see AEM 6.1 SP2 release notes . Then, you can install AEM 6.1 SP2-CFP4 package available on Adobe Package Share (release notes are also available from the same Package Share location).
The AEM 6.1 Cumulative Fix Pack and accompanying release notes are available on Adobe Package Share here .
IMMERSE17 occurs May 15-19, 2017
IMMERSE is a global virtual developer conference for AEM.
Register Now—early bird pricing ends January 31, 2017.
Our inaugural conference was held this past April. It was so well received that Adobe Systems decided to make this an annual event with more great content. Our expanded agenda now includes an exhibit hall, Birds-of-a-feather round table discussions, and networking lounges. You can attend the conference from the comfort of your office or home depending on your location. Learn more .
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Additional AEM resources

Advertising Cloud

Updated: Updated January 20
Feature Description
Search Products
Search Advanced Campaign Management (ACM)
You can now download and display data for a Bing Merchant Center (BMC) account in Search > Products. You also can associate an inventory feed template with the BMC account to include feed columns in your campaign structure and ad copy for shopping campaigns.
To work directly with product data in Advertising Cloud, you must create a corresponding account record in Advertising Cloud containing the account access credentials and with access enabled.
Currently, using the BMC feeds is supported when:
  • No tracking template is configured for the account.
  • URLs in the feed file include the Advertising Cloud redirect.
(Google shopping templates) Singapore is now available as a sales country.
Search Campaigns Beta
Additions to the Campaigns Beta include:
  • An Audience Targets tab, from which you can manage Google RLSA audience targets.
  • (Google AdWords) In ad group settings, you can now configure device bid adjustments using the Devices settings in the Ad Group Targeting section. Valid percentages can include -100 for smartphones and tablets (to not bid for the device type), and from -90 to 900 for all device types.
  • (Google AdWords) You can now create, edit, and bulk edit expanded text ads.
  • (Yahoo Japan) Revenue and reporting data for extended text ads are synced from the network.
Display Managed Campaigns
You can now save changes to multiple ad strategies within a campaign at one time.
Yahoo Ad Exchange is now available as a source for RTB ad strategies. It's selected by default for new ad strategies.
All Facebook Exchange (FBX) ads, which were deprecated on 1 November 2016, are now in the deleted state. Previously, they were paused.
Data for FBX ad strategies is still available in reports.
Social Feed Console Beta
The Feed Console Beta now includes a "Source" column, which indicates the source of the feed file: FTP, GMC, or Upload.
More details are available in the product at ? > Help Contents .