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Release Notes - February 2017

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Experience Cloud and Core Services

Marketing Cloud ID Service

This release increments the Marketing Cloud ID service code ( VisitorAPI.js ) to version 2.1. It includes the following features, fixes, and other changes.
Feature Description
ID service API property, idSyncContainerID
This property sets the container ID used by Audience Manager for ID syncs. See idSyncContainerID .
ID service API method, appendSupplementalDataIDTo( URL , SDID )
This public method appends the Supplemental Data ID (SDID) as a query string parameter to a redirect URL. See appendSupplementalDataTo . (MCID-285)
Fixed a bug that caused the ID service to make redundant server calls for an ID instead of using the ID stored in the AMCV cookie. (MCID-296)
New Documentation
See Marketing Cloud ID Service product documentation.

Adobe Mobile Services

Feature Description
Marketers can now customize interstitial landing pages with custom HTML/CSS/JS, allowing you to brand your pages. See Interstitials for more information.
SDK - Android
Update Description
Fixed an issue preventing the proper app version to be used when determining an audience. This issue occurred when a user had an app version upgrade without a new Lifecycle launch.
Fixed an issue that could prevent an app version upgrade from being properly reported.
Fixed a bug that was preventing deferred deep links to be triggered on the first launch.
Update Description
Fixed an issue preventing the proper app version to be used when determining an audience. This issue occurred when a user had an app version upgrade without a new Lifecycle launch.
Added a three-second delay prior to making API calls for Apple Search Ad data on app installs (as per the recommendation of the documentation).
See Adobe Mobile Services for product documentation. To see the release notes for previous releases, expand Previous Release Notes in the left pane.


New Features in Adobe Analytics

New features released in Adobe Analytics.
Feature Name Description
New Data Feed interface
Historically, data feed administrators had to rely on Adobe Customer Care to get a status update on their data feed jobs or change their data feeds. The data feed user interface is now available to all Adobe Analytics administrators.
Use the Analytics Data Feed interface to:
  • Configure and manage data feed requests
  • Change existing data feeds
  • Check whether all data feed jobs have been properly delivered
  • Monitor status of all data feed jobs
  • Rerun data feed jobs
The data feed service name has changed from Clickstream Data Feeds to Analytics Data Feed .
See Analytics Data Feeds in more information.
Analysis Workspace: Breakdown by Position
You can perform breakdowns based on a fixed location in a Freeform table. For example, you can specify that the top seven rows of are always broken down. This setting is disabled by default.
Previously, the list of values in the breakdown were “locked”. This issue led to a situation where, for example, if you broke down Date by Page , you got a list of the top 50 pages for your selected date range.
If you saved that report and then ran it a month later, the top 50 pages would likely have changed. However, Analysis Workspace used the results from the original breakdown and returned the same pages, but with the current month as the date range. More...

Analytics - Fixes and Updates

Fixes and minor updates applied to Adobe Analytics interface tools and components (such as Analysis Workspace, Reports & Analytics, Report Builder, and so on).
Product Fix or Update
Analysis Workspace
  • Fixed an issue that caused the 2 Months ago calendar preset to show no data. (AN-137808)
  • Fixed an issue that caused shared Workspace projects with calculated metrics that included non-permissioned metrics not to load. (AN-137506)
  • Fixed an issue where a project with a high number of unshared components (calculated metrics) would not load. (AN-137500)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented certain shared projects to load for non-admins. (AN-136758)
  • Fixed an issue where some projects would not download and could not be sent as PDFs. (AN-136460, AN-137950, AN-137948, AN-135164, AN-134442)
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when comparing segments that included deprecated rules. We will now validate the segments before the user can click Run Comparison . We will display an error message indicating that you must fix deprecated segments. The button will be disabled until the segments are fixed. (AN-136053)
  • Fixed an issue with displaying percentages and numbers in Workspace table cells when the columns were constrained. (AN-135706)
  • Fixed an issue that was caused by a disabled event or deleted dimension used in a Workspace project, which resulted in an error. (AN-134860, AN-136049, AN-136029, AN-137001, AN-133186)
  • Fixed an issue where you could not access a Workspace project because you did not have access to the report suite. The fix includes an updated error message and a way to change report suites. (AN-129875, AN-128435)
  • Fixed an issue with the Project Recovery popup not displaying after a sessions timeout. (AN-129580)
  • Fixed an issue where hovering over a section after shrinking a visualization did not provide any information. (AN-127064)
  • Fixed an issue where the y-axis was displaying zeros when applying dimensions to a percentage metric. (AN-137947)
  • Fixed an issue with the horizontal scrollbar not working properly in PDFs. The horizontal scrollbar visualization had the vertical scrollbar removed and now the content fits within the space. This should improve PDF rendering of horizontal bar charts. (AN-134538)
  • Fixed an issue where some projects with Text visualizations would not download as CSVs. (AN-138096, AN-138053, AN-137948)
Reports & Analytics
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from selecting reporting date ranges or viewing dashboards. (AN-133393)
  • Fixed an issue with processing rule modifications deleting the Mobile processing rules template and causing Mobile app data to not appear in reports. (AN-137853, AN-137739)
  • Fixed an issue with report suites which had Video Content Aware set up preventing certain reports, such as the Referrer Report, from showing up. (AN-129851)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the creation of new report suites. (AN-137798)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a segment from being saved when certain countries were added to a condition. (AN-123579)
  • Fixed an issue with the User Login Date not updating in the Admin Console after the user logs in with Marketing Cloud single sign-on. (AN-130665)
Data Warehouse
  • Fixed an issue in Data Warehouse where "0,0" appeared in reports with participation and date granularity (AN-137529).
  • Enhanced the Admin Module in Data Warehouse to handle error codes in incorrectly submitted requests (AN-126174).
  • Fixed an issue in Data Warehouse that caused faulty multi-column segment rule evaluations when the target string contains an "&" (AN-138137).
Data Workbench

Analytics - Administration, Data Collection, Implementation

Fixes and updates applied to Analytics administration tools, including implementation and developer (Web Services and SDKs).
Product or Feature Fix or Update
AppMeasurement (Legacy and Mobile SDKs)
AppMeasurement for JavaScript
AppMeasurement for Other Platforms
See AppMeasurement Release History the following for a release history of AppMeasurement on the following platforms:
  • JavaScript
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Flash-Flex
  • OSX
  • Windows Phone, XBOX, Silverlight, and .NET
  • BlackBerry
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Symbian
See Also: Marketing Cloud ID Service (formerly visitor ID service )

Important Notices for Analytics Administrators

Review the following table for important Analytics notices that may affect data collection, processing, APIs, product end-of-life, and so on.
Notice Date Added or Updated Description
Removed restrictions on how Analytics handles technology data
November 14, 2016
Previously, Adobe Analytics did not record technology data for mobile web traffic. Meaning, reports in the Visitor Profile > Technology section in Reports & Analytics did not receive data for mobile web hits. Beginning with this release, the following reports will populate from mobile web traffic:
  • Java
  • JavaScript / JavaScript Version
  • Color Depth
  • Resolution
  • Browser Width
  • Browser Height
  • Referrer Type (typed / bookmarked)
Analytics API 1.3 deprecation.
September 15, 2016
Analytics APIs version 1.3 will be officially deprecated as of September 15, 2016. To prevent disruption, Adobe recommends upgrading to the latest API versions as soon as possible.
See the API Support Policy page for more information.
AppMeasurement 1.6.3 and Visitor API 1.6.0
August 4, 2016
Version 1.6.0 of the Marketing Cloud ID service requires AppMeasurement for JavaScript version 1.6.3 or higher. If you want to upgrade to version 1.6.0 of the Marketing Cloud ID service, please make sure you are using AppMeasurement code verison 1.6.3 or higher.

Audience Manager

Fixes, Enhancements, and Deprecations
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some customers that have assigned Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) to user groups from selecting segments in the General Reports. (AAM-28195)
  • Fixed an interface bug where we were incorrectly making a call to the segments API instead of the data sources API to get a MergeRule name. (AAM-27473)
  • Added tool-tips to real-time and total segment population in the Segment Summary page to better explain the numbers. (AAM-28077)
  • Fixed a bug where, for a particular customer, a data source was missing from the list of new data feeds in Audience Marketplace. (AAM-28280)
  • Fixed a bug where a deleted data source was still visible in algorithmic models for a customer, preventing them from running the models successfully. (AAM-28179)
  • Fixed a bug in the segment summary page and traits summary page where the graphs were displaying information with a recency of three days instead of the usual 24-36 hours. (AAM-27988)
  • Improved the performance in the response time of the Folders API. (AAM-28202)
  • Updated the Venn diagram to explain Addressable Audience terms. See Addressable Audience documentation . (AAM-27559)
  • Added a new <DPUUIDS> content macro in outbound data files. See Outbound Template Macros and Outbound Macro Examples . (AAM-28000)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some customers from editing segments. (AAM-28412)


Known Issues
Feature Description
Email notifications for post approval have been improved and can now be sent to the specific user(s) in the approval workflow. The notification emails will be sent at the proper step in the approval workflow and will include a direct link to the post requiring approval. See Publishing Workflow for more information.


Refer to the Adobe Target Release Notes for the latest release information about the following products:
  • Target Standard and Premium
  • Target Classic
  • Recommendations Classic


Refer to the Primetime Release Notes for the latest release information.


Adobe Campaign provides an intuitive, automated way to deliver one-to-one messages across online and offline marketing channels. You can now anticipate what your clients want using experiences determined by their habits and preferences.
Update: February 14, 2017
Update Description
Adobe has released a security update for Adobe Campaign v6.11 for Windows and Linux.
For product documentation, see:
Adobe Campaign Standard
Adobe Campaign V6

Experience Manager

AEM release notes

Adobe recommends customers with on-premise deployments to deploy the latest patches to ensure higher stability, security, and performance.
Title Description
AEM 6.2 documentation updates
Improved the documentation about customizing the websites console; added information about MSM parameters in the following AEM 6.2 and AEM 6.1 documentation:
IMMERSE17 occurs May 15-19, 2017
IMMERSE is a global virtual developer conference for AEM.
Register Now—early bird pricing ends January 31, 2017.
Our inaugural conference was held this past April. It was so well received that Adobe Systems decided to make this an annual event with more great content. Our expanded agenda now includes an exhibit hall, Birds-of-a-feather round table discussions, and networking lounges. You can attend the conference from the comfort of your office or home depending on your location. Learn more .
Are you actively involved with the AEM Developer Community? Does your company want to be seen as a leading supporter of the community? Check out our IMMERSE17 Sponsorship Prospectus to get involved in this vibrant community.


Refer to the Livefyre Release Notes for the latest information.

Additional AEM resources

Advertising Cloud

Feature Description
Search Campaigns
(Google AdWords) Beginning on 31 January 2017, you can no longer create standard text ads using any means. Instead, create expanded text ads from Search > Campaign Management > Campaigns Beta . Your existing standard text ads will continue to run, and you can pause and delete them.
If you have inventory feed templates that are configured to create standard text ads, replace the standard ads with expanded text ads to prevent Google API errors.
Search Bulksheets
(Bing Ads and Yahoo! Japan accounts) Bulksheets include new columns for extended text ads:
  • Bing Ads: "Ad Title 2," "Display Path 1," and "Display Path 2."
  • Yahoo! Japan: "Ad Title 2," "Display Path 1," and "Display Path 2." For the ad description, use only "Description Line 1."
Extended text ads don't require the "Display URL" field.
Search Advanced Campaign Management (ACM)
(Bing Merchant Center accounts with final URLs) In Bing Shopping templates, "Tracking Template" fields are available for campaigns and ad groups.
Support for product groups will be available in a future release.
Social Campaigns
Facebook is deprecating the Facebook conversion tracking pixel on 15 February 2017. Data for campaigns that used the conversion tracking pixel will still be available in reports.
More details are available in the product at ? > Help Contents .