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Search&Promote 8.7.1 Release Notes (02/23/2012)

New features

  • Access Scene7 assets from within Search&Promote.
  • Configure Scene7 banner parameters from within Search&Promote.
  • Apply Scene7 banners to business rules.

Product enhancement

Improvement to search time performance through the addition of support for caching HTC presentation templates to both memory and file.

Product Fixes

  • Adding a new user name with leading spaces resulted in an invalid error.
  • Fixed issues with Suggestions.
  • Only invalidate template file caches on start-servers and not on every Guided Search Apache reload.
  • Fixed issues with Did You Mean functionality.
  • Fixed index crawling issues with xlhtml and ppthtml.
  • Copy Rule feature displayed name value as garbage characters.
  • Preservation of time stamps so that template caches are not invalidated.
  • Some change parameters fields were cut off when the scroll bar appeared in the Dynamic Media Classic banner dialog box.
  • Any Business Rule changes you made to Dynamic Media Classic banner parameters worked in the Staging area, but did not take effect when you pushed live.