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Search&Promote 8.12.0 Release Notes (01/16/2014)

New features and enhancements
Stemming dictionaries added
Stemming dictionaries were added for Indonesian and Turkish languages.
Export reports
You can now export data to CSV from the following reports:
  • Terms Report
  • Null Search Terms Report
  • Search Request Report
Do not associate
You can now control which two words should not be associated together in search results, such as "Sweatshirt" and "Shirt".
Note: This feature is not enabled by default. Contact Adobe Customer Care to activate the feature in Search&Promote for your use.
  • You could not add results in a Recommended zone that were outside the currently selected faceting criteria.
  • You could not save results-based rules for an account with HTTPS-only searching.
  • Setting up a Business rule for "is not a mobile phone" did not work.
  • Performing an inventory filter search did not return results.
  • The Size facet order was not getting updated.
  • Added the option for a "custom" rule definition to the Query Cleaning page.
  • The Terms report was repeating entries if there was not enough data.
  • Pushing a single business rule live was working in Staging mode, but failing in Live mode.
  • Auto-complete edits to Include or Exclude lists were not saved in History and, therefore, could not be reverted.