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Social Campaigns

Use the Social Campaigns report to view data from content that is assigned to various campaigns in your report suite.
  1. In the left navigation menu, click Analytics > Social Campaigns .
    If the left navigation menu is not displayed, click .
    By default, the report displays data for the last 30 days. Only campaigns that have been active during the last 30-day period display on the Social Campaigns page. Each campaign tile has a click-through title that lets you display its Campaign Details report. Each tile also displays metric statistics for the selected metric, which you can change.
    If you hover over an individual campaign tile, its metric details display in the Campaign Performance ribbon on the right side. If none of the tiles is selected, the Campaign Performance ribbon displays color-coded information for all campaigns that have been active during the specified time period.
  2. (Optional) Click the Calendar icon ( ) to specify the date range for the report.
    For more information about working with the calendar, see Adjusting the Reporting Date Range .
  3. To change the displayed metric on each tile, click , then select the desired metric. The metric that you choose displays at the bottom of each campaign tile and in the right side of the Campaign Performance ribbon chart. The Instances metric on the left side of the ribbon chart cannot be changed. Click the metric box to display a Search field and a list of metrics from which you can choose. You can select one metric only.
  4. (Optional) If you have many campaigns, start typing the name of the desired campaign in the Search box.
    You can also use the View and Page drop-down lists to change how many campaign tiles display on the page or change pages.
  5. (Optional) To download report data in a Microsoft Excel file, click .
    To send report data in an Excel file to one or more email addresses, click . For more information, see Schedule and Send Reports Via Email .
  6. (Optional) Click to create a new campaign.
    For more information, see Create a Campaign .
  7. (Optional) Click to view the report in list-view mode.
    Click to view the report in tile-view mode.
  8. (Optional) Click the blue title on any card to display its Campaign Details report.