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Moderation Overview Dashboard

Use the Moderation Overview dashboard to get a complete view of your organization's moderation efforts. You can view moderation statistics for individual members of your team, see how long it takes your team to resolve escalated issues, determine which time of day most issues are escalated, compare the number of unresolved issues to resolved issues, and more.
  1. In the left navigation menu, click Overview > Moderation Overview .
  2. (Optional) Click the Calendar icon ( ) to specify the date range for all reportlets in the Moderation Overview dashboard.
    The metric totals on this dashboard reflect the specified time period. If you select Custom Range, a calendar displays. For more information about working with the calendar, see Adjusting the Reporting Date Range .
  3. View the desired reportlet.
    Issues Overview: Contains a chart that displays escalated, claimed, and resolved issues for the selected date range and also includes historical counts. Unlike other charts that display counts of activity only during that selected date range, this chart displays respective counts "until" that time interval in the selected date range.
    The individual lines on the chart are color coded. Mouse over any data point to see statistics for specific dates.
    Team: Contains a chart showing each moderator or your team with corresponding statistics showing the number of new, claimed, and resolved issues and the average number of minutes it takes for each moderator to resolve an issue.
    Assigned Issues: Displays a donut chart that displays the percentage of issues assigned to individual moderation users or groups.
    Mouse over any segment of the donut to view the percentage of issues assigned to an individual moderation user or group.
    Avg. Time to Resolution: Contains a bar chart indicating how many minutes, on average, it takes your moderation team to resolve issues, by date.
    Mouse over any bar to view the average amount of time to resolve an issue on each date. Red bars mean that the average time was more than the threshold. Green bars mean that the average time was less than the threshold. The threshold is based on the average amount of time spent to resolve all issues in the current report suite. The threshold is currently not editable.
    Issue by Hour: Contains the number of issues that were escalated during each hour during the specified time period.
    Mouse over each bar to view the number of issues that were escalated for each hour.
    Efficiency: Displays a stacked bar chart displaying the number of unresolved and resolved issues, by date.
    Mouse over each bar for additional details.
  4. (Optional) Click to download moderation action statistics and history to an Excel Spreadsheet. A copy will be sent to you via your user email.
    The data in the spreadsheet reflects the specified time period.
    The spreadsheet contains two sheets (click the desired tab at the bottom left corner of the spreadsheet):
    Moderation Action by User: For each moderator, lists the number of posts marked read, replied to, escalated, claimed, resolved, retweeted, favorited, and direct-messaged.
    Moderation Actions History: Lists every moderation action performed by a Social moderator. You can view the date and time when the action was performed; action performed (deny, approve, escalate, flag, and so forth); moderator name; platform; content (verbatim); escalation reason, suggestion, status, and priority; accompanying notes specified in the escalation; and more.