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Understanding Adobe Social

Adobe Social helps you create and demonstrate social media Return on Investment (ROI).
Social media presents many business challenges for the social marketer, including:
  • The value of social media is difficult to prove. The difficulty involved in measuring the value of social media limits the marketer's ability to demonstrate tangible business impact and prevents teams from justifying increased investments.
  • Social media is an isolated effort with universal impact. Customers don't limit their interactions with businesses to social networks, but social media initiatives are often disconnected from marketing and customer service.
  • It is difficult for social initiatives to keep pace with social customers. Social marketing requires real-time engagement and response. Using disconnected processes makes your social media efforts more difficult. Examining data gathered using multiple tools limits your understanding of who customers are, what they want, and how to engage with them effectively in real time.
  • It is difficult to globalize social efforts without losing control of your brand. Social efforts are difficult to scale a consistent brand presence globally while empowering local teams.
With these challenges in mind, Adobe Social provides the following benefits to help you manage your social media presence:
  • Deliver and demonstrate social media ROI. Move beyond Likes and Shares by connecting social media to business results. Understand how interactions with your customers using social media channels impact purchase behavior, brand value, and purchases.
  • Obtain an end-to-end view of customers. Connect your social media fan base to your marketing database for a complete view of customers. Use social insights to better understand who your customers are and what they want. Use detailed customer information to shape your marketing efforts.
  • Go from insight to action at the speed of social. Gather real-time insights, engage in real-time response, publish engaging content, and amplify that content with social advertising—all within one platform and workflow.
  • Organize for global scale with local impact. Scale social efforts with a single tool built to manage across brands, business units, teams, time zones, and languages. Organize efforts and maintain a consistent brand presence, both global and hyper-local.
Adobe Social offers the following capabilities to help you better connect with customers using social media channels to drive ROI:
Listening, Measurement, and Analytics
  • Measure the effectiveness of campaigns, content, and engagement without tagging or manual implementation. Understand which marketing tactics work best and see exactly how fans, followers, and advocates affect your bottom line. Take what you learn and optimize marketing efforts quickly and easily.
  • Get a complete view of your customers across all touch points—not just on social networks. Understand customer behavior, brand preferences, purchases, loyalty, and advocacy. Use this information to market more effectively.
  • Create content once and publish it to multiple places in ways that are appropriate for each social platform. Choose when, where, and to whom content is pushed.
  • Easily create and deploy interactive applications with either complete design control or built from quick-to-deploy templates, including contests, coupons, and questionnaires.
Listening and Moderation
  • Monitor and respond to conversations within your communities on Facebook and Twitter. Respond to questions and problems quickly by routing issues to the right people. Track issues through resolution.
  • Identify trends and influencers as they emerge. Use real-time insights to go from strategy to execution in a matter of minutes.
Governance and Administration
  • Use flexible permissions for users and groups.
  • Review processes that help global teams collaborate while maintaining security and controlling access.