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Getting Started with Social

Adobe Social provides a complete view of your social media initiatives across various channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, blogs, and more.
Social is completely redesigned with new interactive and actionable reports that let you drill down into your social data to help you make data-driven decisions. New tools and workflows streamline day-to-day tasks, facilitate collaboration, and help you share content and data more easily with others in your organization.
The new user interface lets you engage audiences and access real-time reports, wherever you are and whenever the need arises. The touch interface is designed for use on desktop and laptop computers and is optimized for use on mobile devices, specifically on iOS and Android browsers.
Adobe Social helps you better understand how conversations in social media affect brand perception, channel activity, and key business metrics. Social lets you know how often a product or term is mentioned, gauge sentiment, and then see how social metrics correlate with your business KPIs.
Social also lets you publish engaging content to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
You can create and configure moderation feeds to facilitate moderation of escalated issues and content on owned Facebook pages, LinkedIn company pages, and Twitter accounts.
Social uses a permissions-based system to ensure that only authorized users can publish content or moderate posts.
This guide documents all Social functionality. Some features must be specifically enabled by your Adobe Account Manager. Furthermore, many features are permission-based (such as the Publisher and Applications). If some features have not been provisioned for your company, or if you don't have the appropriate permissions from your company's Social administrator, you won't be able to see those features in the user interface. As a result, the documentation might discuss features and functionality that you cannot access.

Other Help Resources

In addition to this Social Users Guide , the following resources are useful to help you get the most out of Adobe Social.
View the Adobe Social Help page.